West Valley College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about West Valley College? Why?


The worst thing would have to be signing up for new classes each semester becuase Community colleges are so impacted, it is practically impossible to get the classes that you want or need unless you are an upperclassmen, and even upperclassmen have trouble!


I think the worst thing about West Valley is the fact that they aren't too clear about what you're supposed to do when it comes to financial aid. They also don't explain when grants or loans come in or offer enough information on grants and scholarships. For me being not only new to the state, but having never been in college, it was confusing and irritating at times.


There is no 'worst' thing about this school. I could complain about the cost per unit increasing, or the parking lots being full, but I believe our teachers are under-paid so I am willing to pay the extra dues, and the parking at nearby malls is definitely worse than here at this school.


My only real complaint about this school is also a compliment at the same time. The campus us huge. It is beautiful, but huge. There are rolling hills and lush lawns and towering full trees. That is a wonderful trait, but when you are running late or it is pouring rain you don't want to have a long walk across campus: up hills, over bridges.... It can be very frustrating. Though, I must admit, on a cool spring day when the flowers are blossoming and trees are rustling the campus is extrordinarily beautiful.


The counseling services have been less than stellar. It has been difficult for me to get constructive, accurate advice from many of the counselors I have visited there in my three years. I trust the counselors in helping me transfer out of West Valley to a UC and when they have discouraged my academic pursuits and filled out my transfer forms incorrectly, I have been left with feelings of confusion and even despair.