West Valley College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any person, no matter your age, ethnicity, financial status, or goals should go to West Valley college. The teachers and faculty are extremely nice and very accepting. The students, as well, are very friendly. For every class I've taken I have added at least two more people to my Facebook. Sure that sounds silly, but in a few years when we are all in different places it will be nice knowing someone that could be a coffee buddy, potential networking connection or even future employer/employee.


The student body is very young and most of them take their studies seriously in order to transfer. West Valley is great for students who have just finished high school and maybe don't have a major decided or cannot afford tuition at a state or UC school. Personally, I feel like West Valley is a great place for a student interested in biology to cultivate that passion as the facilities are brand new and the biology faculty is extremely motivational and passionate about their work.