West Virginia University Top Questions

Describe a day on campus you'll never forget.


Fall Fest. On the first day of class in the fall semester, we have a giant concert behind the Mountainlair where tons of performers come. It's really crowded but extremely fun! Just be sure to go with a group of people you trust! Last year The Wanted Came as well was Grace Potter. That was my favorite day ever and one of the most positive things about WVU.


One of my most memorable days on campus has to be the first football game of the year. I went with a few new friends I made in the dorm, and it was quite an experience. I'm from a very small area, and went to a very small high school so seeing so many students, all wearing blue and gold was great. The enthusiasm and spirit they displayed was great and it made for a really fun time.


ESPN's College Gameday when WVU hosted #2 LSU in football in 2011. The buzz and atmosphere around campus and at the footba game was unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life.