West Virginia University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Very school spirited, everyone is extremely passionate about the school.


My school is full of activities and clubs to be involved in, and it has amazing education opportunities for so many majors.


My school is a one big drunk family.


West Virginia University is a very fun and interesting school with so many different people but the most important part about WVU is their amazing education which is known throughout the world.


West Virginia University is a great place to make friends, have a variety of different experiences, and get to know who you really are.


My school is original, advanced and passionate.


An amazing college campus set in a story book setting.


Most people see Woodburn and think WVU but that's not the case at all. Campus is very hilly and spread out. Yes, we have 3 campuses! Downtown, Evansdale and Health Sciences.


WVU is very fun and a very good school for any major.


WVU is a great start to expand your horizon.


WVU is a good university with a beautiful campus, a variety of options to major in, and a wonderful staff.


West Virginia University is a school with a lot of school spirit along with high academic expectations.


Fun school with many great activities and a good learning cirriculum


I love it here at West Virginia University because I am getting a great education and meeting wonderful people at the same time.


West Virginia University is a fine institution that I am proud to be apart of, I have only attended my freshman year, and I already feel as though they are preparing me for a successful career in engineering, and molding me into a good, honest human being.


Even though West Virginia University is such a large school, they offer tools such as, state of the art technology, one on one time with faculty, and many academic organizations to help you succeed in whatever you wish.


My school is full of mountaineer pride.


WVU is a school of tradition, school spirit and excellence where every single person can find their own place to belong whether it be a club or organization.


West Virginia is a large school with a friendly environment and highly reguarged engineering program.


West Virginia University is an excellent university that offers a wide variety of resources in order to help its students succeed, despite its bad reputation of being a party school.




West Virginia University is an enriching environment, characterized by cultural diversity, supportive teachers and a variety of classes and extracurricular activities.


My school is known for being a party school.


WVU is a typical state university where students work hard and play harder.


WVU is a huge pary school with many students that find a balance between work and play and know when to get things done in order to better themselves and their future.


Obviously, the best school in the world (at least to get your undergrad).


West Virginia University is a fun filled, active, green, friendly, and accepting college.


The best time of you're life.


People are friendly and everyone seems to love this school for some reason or another.


You will never feel more welcome anywhere than at WVU.


West Virginia University is a large campus. The classes and lecture halls have a lot of students but it is well organized so you can focus. The campus has buss and rais service to help you get to you classes. You can walk all around the campus, All sporting events are fun and you will make friends for life. I enjoy attending West Virginia and I excited to be graduating in a year and hopefully I will be able to get a job.


very big party school


this is a business for money not to a school to educate the youth for the future.


WVU is a great place to study to make something great out of yourself, assuming you can focus through all the partying and drinking that goes on here.


West Virginia University is socially and athletically passionate with students from all sorts of ethnic backgrounds.


WVU has a lot to offer the academic student, as well as the social student and it is easy to fail out so stay focused and enjoy this slice of heaven known to residents as MoTown on the weekends.


Set in the pristine hills of West Virgnina, the antique halls of learning have endowed many eager minds with the knowledge that will enable them to suceed, with a sports prgram to keep them patriotic, and a social sceene to engage all.


More like a phrase than a sentence, I choose "Almost Heaven". Jonh Denver's song "Country Roads" is constantly played around the campus and at sporting events, and it describs the feeling most people have about this state and school.


My school is very enthusiastic about it's sports, especially football and basketball, GO MOUNTAINEERS, and has a VERY large campus, 30,000 students, but it doesn't seem that large in how it is physically set-up, in a quaint little town, nor in how big the classes are, which can be as small as 18 to as large as 200 your freshman year.


It was a very good time and a notable party school, but if you can focas and not get lost in the party sceane you will recieve a top of the line education.


A place where anyone can learn and feel they can achieve more.


Small town with alot to do!


West Virginia is amazing school. The professor have been very helpful and very informative.


West Virginia University is both wild and wonderful, just like the state!


West Virginia University is a relatively small liberal arts school in northern West Virginia with a strong sense of pride and a diverse range of students, academic programs, and outside activities.


West Virginia University is a college that helps students prepare for rewarding careers, develop longstanding relationships, experience a community that is proud of its tradition and culture, and enjoy a college experience that balances hard work and play.


Not as academically sound as one could wish but a great atmosphere regardless.




This is the best time for someone's college experience


tons of school spirit