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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Mostly but keep in mind there is every type of person here. You just have to make the effort to find them otherwise you're stuck with a lot of people who are very similar, especially freshmen.


it does have a very awsome party scene but it also has toons of other things to participate in other than drinking, it also is located in the sweet town of Morgantown which is nowhere near being a boonie part of WV


depending on what sporting event is in.


for most students yes for me no


Most of the people that attend WVU do all the things mentioned before.


Some, not much though.


I don't think the sterotypes about the state or the university are entirely accurate. Sure, the state may have its fair share of hicks, but there are also well-educated and successful people who call West Virginia home. Also, the state is gorgeous and its beauty is a well kept secret. As for the university, there are parties and clubs but everyone is not always in a drunken stupor. With about 30,000 students there is a huge mix of people and personalities. You can party as much or as little as you want - which I think is the same at any college of university.




very. very accurate.


Yes and No. This is a party school, but in the four years I have been here that has dramatically toned down. And this is a great school with great programs and many students come here for those reasons. Yes, it is rather easy to get in, but that does not belittle the education you can receive.




Yes, there are a lot of parties, and a lot of bars, but if you're smart about balancing work and fun you will do fine.


I dont't think it is anymore accurate than at any other school. College and partying is how you make it... if you're responsible and serious about school work you can balance yourself. You know the nights you can go out and the nights when you should stay in because of a big test or and important morning class the next day.


Yes, and it's hard to find non-alcoholic friends.


They are somewhat accurate.


This is partially true. I'm not a redneck, I'm from New York and I have a very different view of the school. If you come here, you will see those who you could consider "redneck", as you are in an appalachian area, although this is not the standard. There are actually a lot of people from New Jersey who attend WVU. Also, we do party a lot, like every night for most people. Unfortunately I don't usually get to go out during the week due to my heavy course load from the biology department. Classes are usually not optional. Although there are large class sizes for lower level courses, the implementation of the "PRS Clickers" has made attendance taking really easy for professors. Those who miss class usually fail, therefore eliminating them from the major or the school in general. I feel like WVU is similar to most large schools except that it's really friendly here and the parties are awesome!


First of all, the stereotype about West Virginians' education as a whole is totally not true. There are many smart and succesful people from and in the state. The party school stereotype may be true but you cannot believe just because it is in the Princton Review. The Review is not connected to Princeton University at all. It compiles its list from a series of surveys that in no way are scientific. However, there is a very active party and nightlife around campus if you choose to engage in it. Unfortuanatly, the parking stereotype is very true. Depending on what time of day you need to be on campus, it can be very hard or slighly expensive to park on a daily basis.


Yes and no.


Not really. We know how to party, but we know when to stay in and study.


ALL stereotypes have to be based on something, so, if one looks hard enough, one can find these people. However, the vast majority of people are not, to a degree.




Not at all, WVU is the most amazing place ever. One of the greatest things about the school is how diverse we are. We represent every state in the US and lots of outside countries as well. Nearly 50% of the university is out of state. So, even though i disagree with the stereotypes of West Virginia in general, even if you do believe them, do not transfer those to WVU or Morgantown. WVU is awesome, plain and simple. Another great thing is how understanding they are about your first few years here. they understand that is can be hard transitioning, so they offer a few policys that allow you help yourself if you have done poorly in a class. you can retake it, and the first grade is completely dropped from your GPA, very helpful in many cases.


Yea, they actually are. We are the #1 party school, and we are very proud of it. We all get our work done, but always find time to keep our party status. We also have more pride than any other school I've ever seen. On game days whether it is football or basketball, people are talegating for miles, and they are usually there at least a day before the game. Let's go Mountaineers!!


the stereotype about West Virginians being hicks is false, atleast in Morgantown, Morgantown is a small city only about 30 minutes into WV and an hour from Pitt. the stereotype about WVU being a Party school is completely correct, we are the #1 party school


In some ways, I suppose. But, like everything else...a few idiots ruin it for everyone. Just because some drunk fans make fools out of themselves at football games, the entire school/state gets a bad rep.


I think that this stereotype has the potential to be accurate. I mean every college has a party scene, its all what each individual makes of it. Yes WVU students like to have fun but the accedemics here do not come second to the parties.


WVU has a pretty high acceptance rate considering their programs, but students who plan to just get by like they did in high school are in for a rude awakening when they get put on academic probation first semester. The truth is that it is just like any other school. You will get out of it, what you put into it. As for all the ?hicks,? there are over 20,000 students at this school of all different types, and you will meet people that are like you and people that are different, but the people that become your best friends in college will be your best friends for life. Lastly, we are crazy about our sports. Almost the entire state comes together for tailgates and to cheer on the Mountaineers. This is by far one of the most spirited colleges to go to.


All of these stereotypes are what I had coming into school here. I have to say I have refuted all of them. I have a friend that chose to apply to WVU for medical school, because the area he wants to study is highly ranked here at WVU. Sure, there are students that don't take classes seriously and may party too much, but they aren't making everything they can out of being here at school and most of them didn't return after their Freshman year. Every school has certain stereotypes, but it's not until you get here that you realize they aren't all true.