West Virginia University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


That I go to the biggest school in my state and I'm having the most fun.


I tend to brag about my favorite classes/teachers and my good grades that I get on different assignments, tests, or quizzes


The culture was live, people were friendly all over campus. The students and professors..


I brag about the fact that West Virginia University is culturally diverse and prepares their students for the real world following their undergraduate or graduate studies.


I talk about how West Virginia University has a huge population while still being able to maintain a great learning experience. West Viriginia University challenges you to do your best. The professors are very encouraging and helpful if you need assistance. There are many libraries and study labs to achieve information you are unsure about. On the other hand, West Viriginia University is good at all sports. Football is the main sport at West Virginia University, but don't give up if you are female. Because, the women's basketball and soccer team is exceptionally good.


Classes nare difficult, but you will learn a whole lot and retain the information. There are a lot of reliable and helpful resources when in search of help academically. Also, everyone is extremely welcoming, and your always making new friends and meeting new people everyday. The school is extremely school spirited and a friendly, fun, enviornment to be around.


How great and helpful the instructors are. I also tell them about all the great programs like the hands on forensics and engineering majors.


I always brag about our WVU Mountaineers -- especially during football season! Also, while my friends at other schools struggle to find something to do on the weekends, I'm always having to choose between a number of things. (WVU students can be very resourcesful; we were hit with a snowstorm this weekend, and the students were snowboarding in the streets!)


I brag that the pharmacy school here is one of the best in the nation, and I, hopefully, will be enrolled in it in a few years!


i have such a good time! i enjoy my classes and my job, as well as weekend activitries


If I had to decide on just one thing it would be West Virginia University's abilty to unify a diverse group of students through school spirit and the emphasis of each student's urge to succed.


I can go on forever when I start talking about my school. In academics, the WVU journalism program is outstanding. The professors there have been supportive and helpful and any time I need help with anything I know that I can always count on them. One of the other parts I love most about WVU though is the extreme sense of school pride. Whether you're at a football game or just hanging out around campus, I always get the feeling that everyone loves it here so much and we're all proud to be Mountaineers.


its a great place to meet people and have fun thats the social life. moreover, in academics the school's engineering department is known nationwide and there are many center to get help for every major ; theres free tutoring for every student. and also there is easy access to get round campus for "free" ; free bus rides and a PRT.


There are many different majors offered here that may not be available at other West Virginia colleges. This school offers many different kinds of clubs/organizations to be a part of. The professors are mainly very good. There are a lot of very kind, friendly people here.


The outstanding athletic events and buildings on campus.


The rec and the hot tub that it has


The school spirit here is amazing. Even people who graduated ten and twenty years ago are still coming to the football games and getting just as crazy as the current students are. You see mountain bikers with blue and gold designs on their bikes, hikers with WVU gear all over the state and even my boyfriend, a kayaker, has a sticker of mountaineer holding a paddle instead of a rifle on his boat.


All the different programs available to us, like study abroad programs, academic programs, extracurriculars, etc.


The school is well-known for its town-wide tailgate parties during home games. I personally do not sports and prefer to focus on studies than parties, but my friends envy me because of these game events.


Nothing really.


How much I generally just enjoyed being there. I loved my classes, i loved the town itself, i loved my professors, I loved the people i met. WVU just offers such a strong sense of community. Everyone whether it be the teachers, the students or the alumni will always feel a special connection towards each other and you can sense it. There is an extreme sense of school spirit that i really enjoy.


How good our football and basketball team is, and how big our parties are. How big our Greek Life is and how much fun it is to be in a fraternity.


The community that the school generates, how well the campus is maintained, and the rec. center that the school has.


The atmosphere and tradition at West Virginia University is unmatched! No matter what your interests or activities are there is something at my university for you. We have a wide variety of club, intramurial sports, greek life, and night life. After attending West Virginia University for just one semester you will feel like you belong to something bigger, a national family of Mountaineer alumni.


When I discuss my school with friends, I brag about the school spirit the students have. It is amazing! They bleed blue and gold, not only on game days but every single day. The one thing all of the students have in common is their love and passion for West Virginia University. Even after you graduate, if you discuss with a fellow previous Mountaineer that you were a Mountaineer, it will always be a great conversation starter!


I don't really brag too much. I really do not like it. The only thing that I tell people is that it has good food and living and if you ask the professors are usually nice


the size of it and the nicesness


The classes that I am currently taking and they type of work that is assigned.


How drunk they can get and how cheap it is to get drunk


Although I am not a huge partier, our school is known as one of the top party schools in the nation. Alot of the partying is based on our sports programs. Our school is a huge football school. Our student section at the football games is never empty and we are some of the most enthusiastic fans you could ever meet.


our football team is good, the school offers some really cool outdoor recreation trips.


Top party school in the nation. Never have a weekend go by that I don't have stories from.


I don't brag about anything. I just tell my friends about how it is, the things to do and the opportunities available.


The football team and greek life is crazy I love it. Best rec. center in the nation too!


I brag most about the school spirit here. Regardelss on if our teams are doing bad or doing good we still have tremendous heart when celebrating after the games. We are usually always good sports and usually always love our team members. WVU is the place to go for great people and great fun!


In acedemics: There is an unlimited supply of unlimited educational recourses at WVU. In sports: WVU football and Pat White for life!!! In the social scene: get ready to party, there are more parties at WVU in a weekend than there are returning freshmen. But once again, if you apply yourself, then you will be fine.


too much homework


I brag the most about how nice the campus is, how many different majors are available at the school, and the social life. I feel that WVU has one of the best sports programs as far as fans and spirit. I feel that most people in this area know the campus and love most things about it.


Our sense of school spirit is amazing, and despite the large size of the scool, we have many opporunities for advanced studies.


I hate when I tell my friends that do not go to West Virginia University about it because all they think is that we are a stupid party school. My school does like to have fun but also has some of the top ranking colleges on the east coast, great athletics( varsity and club), and finally wonderful and beautiful surroundings for outdoor people. We also have some nationally raking graduate programs that I, myself am applying to.


I brag to my friends how beautiful and close-knit the campus community is. Mostly I brag about how good our football and party scene is. That there is always something to do. That it is a blast and I love it at WVU. I tell my friends how much I enjoy my field of study.


I usually tell about how much fun greek life is. I am an active member in a sorority and it is one of the best expieriences I have had. The networking, parties, and lifelong friends I have made are irreplaceable.


That my school is really beautiful. The classes are interesting and that the football games are amazing events. Also, my school's spirits is unbelievable. It's a great scool and community to belong too.


I love being a part of the school marching band!!!!!! I also love the school itself. The people are great to be around, and I have made some really good friendships here that will last a long time!!


My major is very difficult, but it makes me that much more proud when I do well. This school stresses doing well and succeeding after college.


The parties, atmosphere, gamedays.


Good college environment.


Its size and avaible activities


How friendly everyone is, and how much school spirit we have.


The varsitry football team, the West Virginia Mountaineers. A very strong team who seem to be underdogs every year but still come out on top regularly.