Western Carolina University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My class mates are friendly and outgoing. They are always seeking out a challenge and a good time.


I haven't met them yet, since I start school in a few weeks.


I have a great mix of classmates. This helps a student learn about different cultures and environments. My classmates tend to come from small towns and schools like myself and this is one of the main reasons that we all choose, WCU. We liked the small classroom environment and the campus settings.


My classmates are a few years younger than I am. Some actively participate during class. Others seem not interested in the class and are found fighting themselves to stay awake. My classes consist of mostly peope from the caucasian race and from rural areas of North Carolina. A handfull are from military families.


My classmates are humorous, open-minded, intelligent and share the same anxieties about the future and their careers as any college student would.


On-time, prepared for study and exam material (mostly), friendly, outgoing, fun to be around and talk to, enjoyed study groups, when i attended, University was smaller in attendance than it is now, so many people knew many other people (including football players, athletics players, scholars, etc.). My classmates were very much a part of everyone's lives at WCU as it was small and it was as close knit university and atmosphere. WCU was a wonderful university to attend and the classmates, for the most part, were great to be around.


My classmates are mostly amazing, intelligent, and kind, but some are critical of people who have questions for the teacher; and, I feel as though it is unfair that you have to feel wary of asking questions that will help you understand the coursework just because other students don't actually care about being in the class or their overall GPA.


My classmates are lazy, self-centered, shallow people.


My classmates are the same sterotypical students that were in high school, only these students try a little harder than most.


Group work is crucial in our program and every one seems to have the same amount of drive and will to succeed.


My classmates at Western Carolina University are very accepting,diverse and easy to get along with.


My classmates are very helpful, and interesting people to get to know.


fund and friendly


Driven to succeed in academically. Forming study groups if necessary.


They all enjoy life and are willing to help.


Most of my classmates are very friendly and helpful.