Western Carolina University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Those best suited for WCU like a medium sized campus, outdoor activities, small scale greek life, a competitive teaching and nursing program.


Someone seeking an experience to find what their true likes and desires are in life. Someone who is interested in college for its purest form, higher learning.


Someone who enjoys class participation and getting to know their peers and professors. Someone who enjoys being at one with nature and learning about ways to conserve it. Someone who enjoys finding inventive ways to have fun on the weekends instead of parties, like hiking or extracurriculars.


A person that enjoys the outdoors should attend my school. The school is located in the heart of the mountains and there are alot of outdoor activites to participate in. The classes are rather small which is good for a student who does'nt want to be "just a number". The town the school is located in is small. Someone who enjoys the small town life would enjoy my school. A very laid back lifestyle.


I think this is a great school for anyone looking to further their education.


Someone who loves the outdoors and enjoys being in a rural area.


People who are motivated and want to better themselves should attend this school. If you stay on top of it, the work isn't hard. Our campus is very diverse and minority/gay friendly. The handicapped dorm rooms are really nice and the majority of students are really friendly. As long as you want to make something of yourself, this school is for you.


People who want to attend Western Carolina University should enjoy being apart of a large community. Here at WCU, students getting involved with the school and with each other is a key aspect of student life. Academics, community service, and school spirit are important components of a studnets experience.


Anyone is loves to be outside and doesnt care much for the city.


Any student who wants to strive for their best intellectual potential should attend this school. Even if Students have doubt in themselves, they should be encouraged to attend. Education is so important to today's society, and it is a vital resource that every person should take advantage of while they can.


Any person that enjoys the mountains of Western North Carolina should attend this school. This school offers something for everyone. No matter what your major, interests, or skills, you can find something you love here at Western Carolina University.


People with the initiative to find their own friends and their own activities. Things aren't readily available, you have to find them. That goes for just about everything here, from entertainment to answers regarding conflict with faculty to community resources. Independence is a must.


The student who attends this school should like the outdoors and be self-motivated.


I think this school is for someone who likes the mountian area and who likes being around people.