Western Governors University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Providing students with the opportunity to play an active role in the direction of their education through flexible self paced classes, an active advisory board, student mentorship and carrer placement opportunities.


Snacking while working


Online accessibility. Student-based and student-paced. 100% support through mentors, online libraries, and online communities.


WGU is the single greatest educational opportunity for intelligent, self starting, motivated students. Its flat tuition rate and the ability to add more coursework midterm at no additional charge, gives students who are willing to make the necessary sacrifices to focus on their education the most cost effective degree program available bar none. Your post education dream cannot begin until you finish your degree so do not waste your time and resources on distractions. Be vigilante in your time management and take the next step to your greatness.


Compitency-based learning.


It is well known for its education program.


WGU is known for being a non-profit university. Their main focus is on the students and try their hardest to help them in any way possible.


Easily accessible and affordable college degrees


Its an Online University that offers education, nursing, and IT degrees. You set your pace, thus you can spend as much time (or as little time) as needed on a particuliar class.


Competency based program instead of credit-hour based program and also the extremely affordable flat rate tuition.


WGU is an online University. It is a wonderful way for people, like me, that live in a rural area to obtain an excellent education without having to travel away from home. One must take their entrance assessments very seriously, because these assessments provide insight to one's ability to learn / study independently. Online education is not for everyone, but if you believe you can be successful, you will be. I was! I graduated and obtained the perfect teaching position all in the same week. And, now I am about to begin my masters program. WGU is wonderful!


My school is best known for its availability of classes, its quality of leadership, its educators, its curriculum, and lastly, for the very high quality of the graduates that they produce.


Adult education with persons already working in the field for which their studies lie. Flexible hours of operation that goes along with online degree programs allowing students to submit projects 24/7 and often receive rapid score results of work submitted. The school is a non-profit institution that keeps it's tuitions low and geared primarily for the working adult who is balancing their education with their work.