Western Governors University Top Questions

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The online education university model is not unique. Over the past decade, distance learning universities have considerably grown in numbers and, despite the lingering stigma associated with attending an online university --as well as the growing concern and criticism of many popular online institutions and their for-profit business model--online education is indeed the future of higher education. And no institution encapsulates the vision of that future better than WGU. WGU offers an accredited, affordable, high quality educational experience. A pioneer in online learning, WGU remains unique as its students; dynamic, diverse, and willing to buck the status quo.


Being nearly one-half the price of other online universities, WGU opens the door for students to return to school that might not be able to afford the high cost of tuition. Another reason, is that you are paying for a period of time (6 month terms) instead of subjects, which allows you to move faster through the courses which can mean additional money saved during the length of your degree. Lastly, although required to complete four subjects in a six-month period, you study one subject at a time, complete it, and move on to the next.


It is great if you are more interested in achieving a degree than you are about social order and such.


Western Governors University is completely online.


What is unique about attending WGU is that it is a competency based university. I like how I am able to complete the work on my own time and take the exams when I feel I am ready to test out of a subject. It allows me to keep focused at work and I can come home to work on school at night without being stressed about it.


Western Governor's University is an online program that allows such flexibility in your schedule. I would say to organize yourself and your time. Take your studies seriously. Don't be afraid to call your counselor and get whatever help you need. They are there for you and want you to succeed! Work hard!!


WGU allows adults to affordable get the degree they need for advancement. It allows the student to advance quickly in courses that they are familiar with and have an extensive library, and course mentors to help with courses that are more challenging. I feel that everyone at WGU, starting with my student mentor, to the faculty, financial aid, even the sign up process is there for my advancement. You are special and they are there for you even if you need someone to talk to. WGU has a staff set to discuss personal problems you are having as a student.


Western Governor University offers an online school at a lower cost than other online Universities.


I love the theory of being able to obtain my Bachelors degree online from home.


I picked Western Governors University because it is an online school that specializes in teaching. Going to school online allows me to work full time as well. A friend of mine graduated from WGU and now is working in an elementary school as a teacher. I also chose WGU because it was affordable for me as long as I received aid.


It is online and allows me to take my classes at times that are convenient to me.


its allows me to accomplish at a minimum amount of time a large amount of work, while drawing largely on past experience


It is totally on-line and gives you more freedom to advance at you own pace.


This school offers online course for your degree at a fare cost.


Western Governors offers a great online program that is easy to follow and has an in depth on line educational program. They are always there to check your progress and answer your questions. You also have a large community area to interact with other students and the teachers for those classes


It is all online, so you can do work at the local cafe or at home in your pjs.


Western Governors University offers compentency-based degree advancement that allows you to move through the courses at you're own pace rather than take sixteen weeks to complete a course in a subject in which you are already familiar.


The tuition.


My school is unique because I can complete an education program online. This allows me to study from any where in the world, which is great since I'm in the army.


WGU offers a unique learning experience through it's online courses of study, resourses and mentors. Students must demonstrate their competency in any given area of study through special performance tasks as well as proctored assessments.


My school is very unique in that it does the best it can to try to make the classroom experience as alive as it can be online. They provide great resources, and have great staff who are there to listen to you whenever you need it. They especially consider every individual case and seek to work best with them so that each student may succeed.