Western Governors University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish someone would have warned me that Utah's requirement for obtaining u teaching license vastly differs from what Arizona will actually accept!


The only thing I wish I had known is that a student can only receive one scholarship from WGU per thier length of degree. I qualify for multiple scholarships but can only recieve one. I am scheduled to start in May or June of this year, but need to find additional money to help with tuition.


I wish I would have known that they don't offer scholarships for current students. They only offer scholarships for new students.


I was well informed and cannot think of anything.


I wish I had known about this school years ago. It is affordable, accredited and you can go at your own pace. It is a perfect fit for me becasue I have a full time job and a family to support so Western Governor's University makes it easier for me to get my education along with fulfilling my other responsibilities.


The type of graded assignments are 90% APA format papers.


I wish I would have knew about this school before I enrolled in another online degree program! I would have definitely chose this school over the one I used to attend!


There is nothing I wish I had known before attending WGU. The requirements, course work, amount of time required for clases and studying and financial obligations were all made very clear.


I do not start classes until October 1st, 2011, but I have two friends that a going to Westernor Governor University and really enjoy their experience there.


I have not been admitted yet.


I wish I had known how to get things done faster and manage my time more effectively.


An online degree is much more difficult to earn than a traditonal one.


I wish that I had known how few of my credits from my Associate's Degree program at Mount San Jacinto College would transfer over. My first few terms will be spent re-doing classes I already took in community college.


Enough financial independence is one of the amjor things I wish I had before coming to school. Another thing I wish I had is a stable job because I was unemployed when I was admitted into this school.


Before attending Western Governors University, I wish I had known their programs were as difficult as I am finding them to be. The programs are designed for success in the workplace and they are as difficult as one might find when holding a job. The advisors allow the student to set their own due dates on assignments but I wish I had known the classes were going to be extremely difficult so I would have known to give myself extra study time.


I was well prepared and the advicer gave me plenty of information before I made my decision


I wish that I would of know about this university in an earlier time. I would of started my college career at an earlier time if I would of know about the university.


I wish that I would have know how much you can really accomplish if you set your mind to it and work hard. My first few semesters I didn't do nearly as much as I could have. Now I know that I can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time if I will work hard at it.


It can be a rather lonely journey in the world of online education. I sometimes feel that I would so much like to have a peer group that I could discuss the issues of the subject with. Their is an online community for each of the courses I take, and it is helpful to be able to read what they have to say about what they are working on, but it tends to lack a sense of candid conversation or a real sense of commradship between students.


WGU was good about preparing me for their program. I wish I would have developed my time management skills better. Juggling a family, work and school has proved to be very challenging.


I don't think of anything I didn't know before starting.