Western Illinois University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The Quad Cities campus is an up and coming part of the area, allowing students from local school the option for a much lower cost of education.


The school has many students that help out one another around the campus.


A place to learn and work hard.


Western Illinois University is a fabulous, amazing university that I would recommend attending to anyone.


Low morale, set in a rural republican town with a semi liberal university sitting in the middle.


My campus is small from any other university I have ever seen, but it allows for more relationships to be formed; and everyone is very happy to be here; it seems that all classes are different in size allowing for larger scale discussions, allowing for many different types of ideas to be passed around; and in every class teachers reassure students that all responsibilities and connections made that will help them is their responsibility.


A progressive education in a rural setting.


Decent sized school in the middle of the country with a great education and instruction tech program, not really good at helping people get jobs after graduating.


There are classrooms and professors, but it's like a constant party starting thursday night until sunday morning.


A fun-loving learning environment that prepares you for your future.


My school is a small town middle sized university that has an ample amounts of diversity and good learning oppertunities.


Western Illinois University is a somewhat large school that is focused on challenging its students academically.


Western Ilinois Unviersity is a place where everybody is somebody and your teacher care about your future.


My school is fun and exciting but also drives me to be the best i can be to my community and my world.


The campus is large but small enough that anincoming freshmen is not overwhelmed. The falculty is professional but sympathetic . The community events are great becuase they really reach out into the surrounding community and include them. We are also trying to conserve resources by using biodegradible materials and conserving energy.


A trashy campus in the country.


WIU is a semi large school where in most classes your known by your name and not a number.


My school is fun filled, eventful, so much to do for those who want to get involved!!! It's a great place to meet new people and be.


Western Illinois provides a fun, open, and well rounded learning and social experience for all to enjoy.


Western Illinois University is a wonderful university that gives all students an opporotunity to learn and suceed in their classes. It is just the perfect size campus; not too big, but also not too small.


Western Illinois University is an institution dedicated to strong academics and a variety of different activities to participate in.


My school is a large group of people seeking something that they may not yet understand but still seek it out even when the going gets rough.


A fun place where you will get the expirience you need for the "real" world and meet friends that will be with you for the rest of your life.


This is the perfect school to get a wide range of diversity, as well as experience about the real world.


It is not a very difficult school to attend, but it has alot going on.


My school is a really good school for a great education.


WIU is a small town atmosphere, with friendly students and community.


A fun, busy, party of a workplace.


my school is fun and exciting and at the same time very work oriented


Smaller school but large enough to make everlasting friendships and business contacts.


If you are looking for a college thats not to big or small and just right wiu is the school for you, with small and large classes fit to your personal perference and many social activities and school spirit. Yes. located in middle of nowhere you will meet plenty of friends and have activities to do.


Western Illinois UNiversity is a acadmeically challenging, and enjoyable place to be.


I attend a small school that is academically focused and fun to attend; I fit in well here.


My school is very commited to excellence in education.


Everyday is never ordinary.


My school is a very goal-oriented, quality, clean, fun, happy school.

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