Western Illinois University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The professors (for the most part) are very helpful, and there are plenty of resources to get help on a subject. Also, there are lots of activities on campus to get involved with.


The classes on campus are great. There is a lot of class size choices to choose from as well as many places for help with anything you would need help with. They want everyone to do well, so they try to give as many resources possible.


I brag mostly sbout my days with the fraternity, and how it taught oneself to be an adult, and deal with real world issues. In addition the experience I had while pledging. Some of my best friends are my pledgemates.


Classes are small and personal - professors are always available for extra help! Even lecture classes are slightly smaller and more individualized than other schools.


I think the best thing about WIU is the experience. Everything is accessible from campus. You can take a free bus ride provided by campus to town, Wal-mart, the bars, or anywhere on campus.


Nothing really, Western Illinois University is a small school in a small town. Since i'm from Chiacgo I do not really like it there that much.


I brag most about the helpful and extremely intelligent professors and the great times i had with friends and classmates.


When i discuss my school with my friends i emphasize how much i enjoy the education program and how great it really is. Western Illinois is one of the best schools in the mid west for education and also attracts are large amount of law enforcement majors. I am very proud to go to a school that produces law enorcers and teachers to help the community.


how fun the party's are. That you get that small town feel but yet you still goin to a bigger university.


I tell them about the great friends i have made at school.


When I talk to my friends about school I like to brag and talk about the amazing friends I have made, how much fun we always have, and I talk about the classes a lot also. My friends mostly attend larger schools and talk about how they get no attention from their teachers, and my friends that attend small schools feel the teachers are too involved. I talk about how my class sizes are always just right and my professors aren't to busy for us, but also aren't in our business all the time.


that even though our school is in the middle of nowhere we throw one hell of a party!


The facilitly is fair. If you have a problem or need a little extra they are usually there to help you. There is alot of work to be done, but the sylabus lets you know what is expected of you and when most of the work is do. There are very few pop quizzes. If you attend class and pay attention you can usually get the hang of the class and have a decent grade. If you slough off then the grade my not be a passing one.


The teachers are always willing to help you and some teachers have even given the students their home phone numbers if students have questions on school work so they can call their professors at night. The school work always pertains to my major, and I do not feel like the teachers give us busy work to complete like I have heard my friends talk about from other colleges.


Although there are many students around campus, the community in Macomb is small and pleasant to live in. I explain that the professors are helpful and kind, and that there are many resources for those that struggle in certain areas of study. I generallly recommend the college for those looking for a small town atmosphere. There are countless on campus activities, so one should never be bored.


We definately know how to have a good time at western! I love my major and all of my professors. Football season and tailgating is super good times. The greek system isn't that big but is AWESOME if your in it! Being in a sorority changed my whole expeirence at western and I probably wouldn't be here if it wasn't for my sorority.


The opportunities to do many theatre shows per semester, and the theatre faculty.


I brag the most that the people here at this school are very friendly. You easily meet new people and they are all friendly and soon you have tons of really good friends. I have to say that the atmosphere of this school is very relaxing. I have a lot of fun with my friends at this school and I really love the friends I have.

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