Western Illinois University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of Western Illinois University?

Is Western Illinois University a good school?

What is Western Illinois University known for?


Western Illinois is a incredible credible school and I love it!


It is a university that completely out of my expectation, I make lots of international friends, through them, I see a bigger world. I enjoy the every seconds here.



My overall opinion of Western Illinois University is quite favorable. Most of my classes have been taught with enjoyable professors, though there have been a few bad ones. The cost of going to school here isn't that expensive compared to other schools in Illinois. A plus is that once you are accepted here, your tuition and room and board rates are locked in for the next four years! Western Illinois is a relatively small campus with an enrollment of about 11,500 students. The town of Macomb is pretty small too; only about 8,000 residents when you exclude all the students. This is good if you are looking for a small town atmosphere instead of a big city campus.


I like the teachers at the school. It is a great place to get a education. However, the school spirit is not good. If it is one thing I could change it would be the school spirit and the Black Greek life.


Western was my only choice when I decided on schools. It's not because it was the only school I got into, it was the only school I applied to- because it was the only school I wanted to go to. Western has a small enough campus that you get a full college experience. If it were too large, you would go through your college career not meeting all the people you could and experiences all that the school has to offer. The teachers are always willing to go above and beyond for their students, and they genuinely want us to succeed. The classrooms don't get too large, so you can get individual attention if you need it. We also have a lot of school pride. The football games are always fun because there are always Leatherneck fans cheering, even in the coldest and wettest of weather. I love Western for the experience it has given me and the pride it has instilled in me.


I absolutely love western. Friendly people, the teachers are always willing to help, and the cafeteria food isn't as bad as you'd think.


When I first arrived on campus, I wasn't too thrilled with the lack of scenery so to say. However, campus truly grew on me. There are so many things that I finally got involved in. I attend a lot of the multicultural centers events around campus. I have done lots of volunteer work over the course of my time hear. Volunteering really allows to get to know your fellow peers around campus. I think if I could change the school, it would more so be the stores surrounding the campus. There aren't very many places to go shopping other than Walmart.


Western is a school that for most is far enough away from their hometown that they don't go home most weekends. It is not too big where you get lost but not small enough that you run into the same people everyday. There are a lot of education and law enforcement majors. A lot of military men and women. There is also a number of people from small towns which allows you to get to know people from various areas and backgrounds. It's easy to get into bars, but the cops have cracked down so be careful if you're underage.