Western International University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Be prepared to work. If you believe that you will be able to slide through the curriculum, you are mistaken. These courses are taught by people that work in the field and have practical, real world experience, and they know exactly what is needed for you to succeed in that course. The students who attend are serious on their education and you are expected to be in class, on time and prepared as soon as class starts - no slackers need to apply.


Someone who has no dreams or goals in life. If you have any knid of desire in life then i think you should go and take some core classes and find your way along the way.


My school cherishes diversity and caters to the older, working student. Many come from countries outside of the United States and are here not only to garner an education, but also to learn of different cultures. The students who attend Western International University, generally work full time and have families as well, and take the opportunity to learn very seriously. A person who is looking for the social activities generally associated with college, should not attend this university.