Western Kentucky University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for having a huge hill on campus! We are, after all, the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers! My school is also known for its great broadcasting program, along with a great program for education majors. Greek life and athletics have also risen in popularity over time. Overall, Western Kentucky University is very well rounded!




My school is best known for being able to attend college and get through it without many distractions.


Our chool is best know for the Hill that our campus sits on. We are called the Hilltoppers!




The school is best known for its School of Journalism. The school of Journalism is number one in the country, and has won countless awards from journalism, advertising, public relations, and so on. It is highly renown, and people come from all over the country to attend this certain division of the school.


Nursing and the Arts


Probably its Journalism department.


WKU is best known for their broadcasting and photojournalism programs. The programs win awards almost every year.


its best known for its location and its great opportunities given to each and every student


WKU has one of the top photojournalism programs in the United States. The landscaping of the campuses is absolutely beautiful and they also have many regional campuses around the state. The college basketball program is also a popular feature WKU.


It has one of the top Photojournalism programs in the nation.


Western Kentucky University is best known for its forensic team and basketball program.


Our school is best known for journalism and speech, but the one thing that catches everyone's attention is our spirit. Our school mascot (Big Red) gets everyone pumped before, during, and after a game.


Western Kentucky University is highly known for its Journalism program. Their program is one of the top in the nation. The program is known for its outstanding work and also the Mountain Workshops. Several students from this program have recieved many awards and recognition. Western's campus is also know for its beauty. Although it is a large campus it is a very clean campus with statues, gardens and beautiful buildings.


Along with their extrordinary broadcasting and photojournalism programs, Western Kentucky University is also known for its school pride. Students, teachers, and staff are so involved in WKU sports, clubs, intermurals, and arts. You see red towels, a major WKU symbol, flying everywhere. Each student is given one at orientation, and most students hang them up in their dorms and bring them to all the games etc. My high school was very proud, and not much seemed to change when I ventured into WKU.


Western Kentucky University is highly known for there jounalism and broadcasting program. That is not all they are known for though, they have a highly respected agriculture program along with many other programs.


Our school is best known as being an up and coming player in the academic arena in a state where the focus of education has been lost. Western is establishing itself as a major player in quality education.


It is best known for it's Forensic Team and Journalism Department. We also have a mascot that no one quite knows what it is. It is a mixture between the Kool-Aid Man and a big red blob.


Good food options.


The School of Journalism and Broadcasting. WKU is known to be one of the best Photojournalism schools in the nation and also ranks highly in Journalism and Broadcasting.


It's Mascot


Our school is best known for specific programs such as our School of Broadcasting and Journalism and also is known for our school spirit along with our mascot Big Red. The scenery and beauty of the campus is one of the first things people mention when they first come to visit.


Being a "party school" is what most people call Western. However at any college, if you want to go to a party, you will likely find one.


Our basketball team made it to the sweet 16 last year and our mascot "Bit Red" has won the Capital One Mascot of the Year award several times. We also just moved up a division in football and remodeled our stadium. It looks SUPER nice!


The school has a great Education and Nursing program. All of my friends who attended went on to have successfull careers. They are known for good sports programs. They are known for great teachers.


Western Kentucky University has a very unique mascot. We are the Western Hilltoppers and our mascot is Big Red. He looks like a giant red blob but everyone loves him. We also gained some noteriaty in last years NCAA men's basketball tournament when Ty Rogers hit the last minute three point shot against Drake to win the first round. He just recently won the ESPY award for best clutch performance. We are also a noted Journalism school and have finished in the top eight for the past eight years.


Our campus is on a very large hill. We made it to the Sweet 16 in 2008. Our student body is pretty laid back.


I believe that my school is best known for the small community that it is in and the beautiful campus. The town of Bowling Green is extremely suppportive and involved regardless of the size of the university. It is a school that does not have huge enrollment numbers so that the students are just another check number written to the school, but individual people with thoughts and ideas. The entire town is extremely supportive of the college students. The campus is simply lovely. Not spread on hundreds of acres, but settled closely together like a community in itself.


big red


Our wonderful School of Journalism and Broadcasting program and the coolest mascot ever, BIG RED! :)