Western Kentucky University Top Questions

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The diversity at the school is great but some people are favored over others i would say.


The mascot is pretty weird, it is built on a hill, everyone is overly friendly, and we have a steak and shake.


It is away from home and has a beautiful campus.


My choice of attending Western Kentucky University was mostly made by my wish to study abroad. Western has an amazing program and I am already attending colleges across the globe. I love it. Other schools had study abroad programs but no where near as extensive as WKU.


I think Master Plan is something that is very unique to WKU's campus. It is a week long oreintation where Freshman move on campus the week prior to starting. It ia a great time to meet new friends and get aquainted to campus before everyone else moves into the dorms. Another things is the Academic Advising and Retention Center which proides a myriad of academic services to any student for free. Services includes counseling, test prep, tutoring, study hours, computer labs and much much more! Currently, it is a program other universities are looking to imitate.


It wasn't too far from home, nor too close. It's diverse, and offers many majors, and has an awesome campus. It stood out because of all the activities that goes on and the opportunites they have for students.


I feel that Western Kentucky University is unique because they have many branches of the institution across the state so that people who want to stay home but go to college can. This also allows for a cheaper education because if you do not attend main campus all you have to do is pay for tuition and books which can save a lot of money. The main campus in bowling green introduces you to a new but enjoyable lifestyle.


The unique thing at this school is that it is very diverse and I'm not use to seeing so many foreign people. I have learned that so many people are from different states or from over seas and they decide to come here to Kentucky and go to college and further their education.


Personally, I love the tons of organizational opportunities. If you come to WKU, it's almost guaranteed you will find a club or student organization that interests you. There are so many opportunities for students to become involved on campus.


My school isn't based in a large city so it seems to be more personal. The campus and buildings aren't spread out over a downtown area, they are all together.


When you are at WKU, you feel at home away from home. The campus is absolutely beautiful, what campus do you know, that's built on top of a hill? Students are die hard fans in all sports, there is never a dull moment here. Our mascot is a big red blob, and he is awesome. My dorm looks like a hotel room, and I have my owm bathroom. There is no freshmen 15 at WKU, when you have to walk up and down the hill everyday! I absolutely love, that i deceded to come to WKU!


Although I didn't consider other schools because of my situation, WKU is unique because of its friendliness. WKU's teachers and students are all some of the most friendliest people you could ever meet. Everyone is eager to help and encourage, no matter your situation.


I originally chose WKU because their photojournalism program was one of the best in the country. and that was my intended major. It was also close to home and not far away from a major city (Nashville). I knew I would be accepted, and thought I would get a decent financial package.


The professors on my campus are unique they have a good attitude and they will help you when you are struggling to grasp a concept. Also, within the department of geology they offer a class that teaches you the analytical techniques of geology, this class unique because it?s not offered at any of the other schools I applied such as SMU.


Whats unique about my school, is the emphasis put into the career management center. My school guarentees its students an internship. Through the career management center, students are able to find employers all over the country.


Our school spirit is something we take great pride in. It makes being at school so much better.


I think the most unique thing about our school would have to be our mascot. The reason I chose this is because people who dont go to our school are like, "what is your mascot" or "he looks like a red blob," and you have to tell them thats big red and he is a hill and I LOVE ME BIG RED! Also, we our campus is on a hill so you have to walk up a big hill everyday so great opportunity for good calf muscles. :)


Western Kentucky University is unique because the mascot is a hilltopper and because school spirit is a major part of the university. Being involved in the school comes with showing school spirit and loving the campus that you are a part of. We have a beautiful campus that is close-knit and enjoyable to walk.


Great Journalism program. Great distance from home (100+ miles). Campus not too big, not too small.


I think there's a small-town feel about the school that makes it really feel friendly and comfortable. There are a ton of non-traditional students, too, which makes the campus even more diverse.


The attention the faculty give to their students, as well as the tutoring and help available. Also, the dining status is phenomenal.


It has the best housing in the state, for a public university, and it has a pretty good pre-med program as well.


The school is close to home and offers a wonderful health care administration program.


My university is unique because it offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities. Activities range anywhere from tutoring to pep rallies to rugby games. Everybody can find a niche that they fit in. I haven't met a single person yet during my college experience that regrets choosing to come to Western Kentucky University.


It's beautiful, clean, friendly, and you aren't just a number there.


The campus is really pretty. Our mascot is an abstract, red lump. Our football team just moved up to class A.


Most unfriendly to students. Poor places to park, no places to eat on campus Friday and Sat after 5pm. No sunday breakfast until after 12:00.


The best part about Western Kentucky University is how diverse it is. No matter what you're into, believe in, or want to petition against, there's always someone else that can relate to you is some way. There is so much culture and difference that only completely ignorant people can avoid learning something new every day.