Western Kentucky University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The freshman girls dorm PFT, although I enjoyed living with a group of 800 girls, the dorm itself needs updates. The campus is beautiful this dorm can be depressing in the winter, rooms are small and bland.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the limited funding available to students for financial aid. The unfriendly nature of people in general is also something I do not like. I absolutely love Western Kentucky University! I don't have many things that I do not like about this school.


The worst thing about WKU is the dreaded hill. The academics are up to par and the people are great. The absolute worst thing, and you can ask anybody, is the mile walk up the hill to Cherry Hall or Gordon Wilson Hall. Those are the two plaes that dance majors spend all of their time!


Currently the worst thing about my school is all of the major construcion that is going on now. Often times on a Saturday morning, I will wake up the the sound of jackhammers at 6am, and other times during class, students are bothered by the loud noises of construction. Additionally, due to the construction there is less food options which is also a negative.


I feel stuck and I need a change of atmosphere.


While this question seems basic, I find it very difficult to answer. I have only lived on campus for a few weeks now, but I have yet to find something that I truly hate about this school. I guess for me personally, the worst thing about going here is being a freshman. Being at the bottom of the food chain again isn't the best, but it is in no means horrible. Many uppserclassmen have been very accepting of us so I really don't have any complaints!


This is my first year and I have not had the opportunity to make any assessments yet.

John William

The worst thing is the amount of green space. You have to go off campus to a park to find a place to run around and play sports.


WKU is called the Hilltoppers for a reason.. Everything is straight up the hill.


Coming from Cincinnati, Ohio Bowling Green is TINY in comparison. Sometimes I feel a little trapped.


The worst thing about my school would proably be the hill. Because its a straight shot up towards Cherry Hall, it is a pain to walk up. Walking is the worst at WKU. Also finacial is outrageous, prices of dorms and housing and tutition it just ridiculous.


The worst thing about Western Kentucky University would have to be that it costs too much, even though it is a public school, it is still pricey.


The worst part of the school is the city it is located in. Bowling Green is a small city which makes Western's campus the main attraction. Many students come from larger cities such as Louisville, Nashville, and Cincinati so many students pack up and head home on the weekends.


Parking is probably the worst. All of the lots fill up in the mornings and at night. There is a short window during the day when you are able to get a spot close to where you need to be.


The hill. It is really hard and annoying to walk the hill at 7 in the morning, but it really helps you out in the long run. So that is the worst thing about my school, but it puts people into shape.


The worst thing is the downtime for the school intranet. They do maintence every weekend. In hindsight that is a good thing.


Of the few dislikes I have about Western, the amount of money it costs me is the worst. I am an in state student and my tuition is maybe $1000 short of my friend's out-of-state tuition. I had to take out a $3000 student loan to cover this year, and I have no clue how much tuition will go up by next fall.


Western Kentucky University's 94{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} acceptance rate unfortunately leads to many students who do not truly care about receiving an education. Often this does not interfere with the academics of the serious student, but there are times when it does have an effect. Group work is always a problem if you are placed with students who are not motivated. Also, some professors are forced to lower the level that their classes are taught at to accomodate less academically driven students.


There is a real lack of intellectualism on campus. My biggest disappointment freshman year was that many of my classmates were content to caost through class and drink themselves silly on weekends. I yearned for more academic stimulation, but was unable to find it in most of my classes.


Personally I think the worst thing about Western Kentucky University is the fact that all of the academic buildings are very far from the dorms. I live at the very bottom of the hill and it is very tedious walking up the hill and back to classes especially in the cold weather.


The worst thing about WKU is THE HILL! The walk up and down the hill can definitely take a toll on some people and it is crucial to pay attention to the timing of your classes when scheduling!


Nothing so far.


The worst experience i have had is with the smoking policy, but thats only because cigarette smoke irratates me.


I feel as if our President of the university doesn't care about the students. He only cares about his image and what he will be remembered for doing, even if it spending all of the money on statues and renovating buildings that don't need it. We need that money to pay professors so that enough courses can be offered for the students.


Construction is extremely common at WKU. The institution has a knack to make itself bigger an better than before and that has pros and cons. Tip: Parking is awful all the time, especially for communting students. So go to class early.


The worst thing is that it is on a hill and very steap to walk up. Hard on the knees.


My workload


The worst thing about Western Kentucky is that the resturants on compus have bad times from when they open and close.


The open-door policy. They need to raise the ACT requirement and overall GPA in order to get rid of the people that don't truly want to be here to learn.


I think the worst thing about the school is the cost of tuition and the meal plan. I feel this way because after greaduation I am now in debt and can't seem to find a job that I feel is paying enough to help me pay for the debts easily.


Having to be in so much debt because I am not able to afford college on my own or with my parent's help.


The worst thing about my school is the parking on campus. It is very hard to find a parking spot on campus.


the only thing i dont like is that it feels like a high school.. there is still that feel.. there are cliques.. like the preppy sorority girls, the frat. boys, the wierdos, the dorks etc... i wish it was more cohesive.. i hate the social groups!! why cant we just all get along?!?


Parking is inconvenient for anybody that lives on campus. The current dorm that I live in is in the middle of campus with no close parking area. I have to walk almost half a mile just to park my car. Most of the time students will leave their vehicles and go nowhere until the weekend comes.


I consider the worst aspect of our school to easily be parking. The atmosphere of Western is not easily passed up and while our enrollment is not huge, it is increasing. Being that the town is somewhat small and campus even smaller, it becomes hard to accomodate all new students, whether they be incoming freshmen, international students, transfers or commuters. I think that re-evaluating the parking system is a must. However, I also think that when a new system is put into play it needs to be as enviormentally safe as possible without destroying acres of land with concrete.


The worst part about campus is definitely the parking. There are too many students and not near enough parking spaces for those cars.


The worst thing that I consider about my school is the incapability of the staff to help students decide on a major. I have attended WKU for two consecutive years now and I don't feel that I'm much closer to choosing a major than I was when I originally enrolled. I've pretty much completed most of my general education classes and am now running out of courses to choose from and have been told to basically just pick a major and if you find that you don't like it, continue picking others.