Western Kentucky University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


Being from up north I was expecting a southerner type of stereotype but there really isn't one. Everyone is different here.


One stereotype is that we were and possibly still are one of the biggest party schools in Kentucky. I do not believe this stereotype is true anymore. I believe some students here like to try and keep it alive though.


That they're are wild party going young men and women. I for one have not been to a single party but i feel like i'm the small minority that hasn't.


It seems more like a party school than most, however you can get a really great education here.


The stereotype that is associated with Kentucky (any of the Kentucky schools) is that the students are "hillbillies." That stereotype comes from the way that southerners are portrayed in the media. However, WKU is a very diverse school with a lot of academic opportunities and intramural sports clubs and out of 2000 universities, WKU is ranked 787!