Western Kentucky University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known how helpful AP classes are in high school to prepare you for college, they also give you a fantastic head start. I also wish my high school had prepared me for taxes, budgets, and loans more than they had.


School wasnt going to be easy


I wish I had known that although they said that it is easy to get scholarships, in reality it is highly-competitive and cut-throat to receive money from this university. Also, I wish I had known that almost every weekend, most students go home so the campus is somehwat dead. I have adjusted to the lack of business during the weekend, but it was not what I had expected.


I wish I had known to apply super early for the school scholarships; I probably could have gotten more money. I also wish I had known more about the possibility of working on campus while I went to school so I could have off-set some of the costs. Finally, I wish I had known more about what kind of jobs (or lack thereof) my degree choice would get me. I chose a degree that does not have a lot of career options and if I had known that, I might have chosen a different degree.


If I could go back in time to my high school self, I would say that you can’t go back in time, and to live knowing that. Every day you spend in school and every weekend you spend wishing you didn’t have to go back on Monday morning are days that you won’t get again. I mean, sure college is great, and there’s not harm in looking forward to it. There is harm, though, in living in the future.


I wish I had known a little bit more about the Honors College and the advantages of being apart of it. The Honors College is for students with a high GPA and well rounded with leadership, extra curricular activities, and volunteer work. It allows you to take harder classes to challenge yourself and also smaller to provide more personal time with professors. The College also opens the door to research opportunities and the possibility to study abroad in your undergraduate school.


That college is so much fun even with tons of homework,studying, projects, important most of the time 4 exams and finals!


I wish I had known that it is very difficult to find a parking spot. It seems like they don't have enough parkings spots for the students (I'm sure they do but it's just very difficult to find a spot).


How many resources they have, I was not aware of how many people will go out of their way to help you.


I wish I would've known more about the honors college.


Well I did all my college stuff on my own. I filled out all the fincial aid papers. Would have been nice to have someone there to just kind of tell me I was doing everything right or wrong. I'd say the most important thing that I wish I had known would probably be how important it is to make sure you get into smaller classes.


More information about the campus and where things were located.


Before I came to this school I wish I had known that the school shared accredidation for engineering with the University of Kentucky. This makes me worried that a degree from this school would not be as useful as a degree from a fully accredited university.


I really wish I had known how to study , before I started attending Western kentucky University. In high school I was diagnosed with a chronic kidney disease. I was in and out of the doctors office and hospital and had to be put on home bound because I was missing too many days of school. I therefore had to teach myself throughout my sophmore and junior years. I worked very hard to accomplish my goals and graduated suma cum laude. I wish I had of known how to teach myself to study effectively for college.


I was always told the downsides to going to Western Kentucky University. Being a local, you hear these things day in and day out. But it's always one of those things that you never realize until you experience it for yourself. The parking situations on campus is terrible and you have to show up 30 minutes early just so you can search for a parking spot. While being a commuter saves money, the parking situation can sometimes cause you to miss class.


I knew most of what i needed to know before I came to this school. They have answered all of my questions for me with the information they have provided me with. It was so simple when dealing with finanial aid and getting classes I wanted and needed.


I wish I had known the value of asking for help. Whether it's financial aid or simply advising, there are many people around campus who were willing to help me, and I didn't take advantage of that. I'm now squeezing every penny to make ends meet, and it is completely my fault. I wish that I had been more willing to accept the help of the advising staff; their knowledge and assistance is priceless.


I wish I had known what other schools had to offer compared to Western. Keep your eyes open and don't limit your options for any reasons.


I wish someone had told me the importance of reaching out of your comfort zone. I didn't know many people at WKU, so I hardly ever ventured out of my dorm room. As a result of this, I mae few friends and didn't fully experience my first semester of college. I didn't attend as many school events as I would have liked, either, so I didn't understand how much school pride exists on campus.


Upon coming to this school, I wish that I had been better prepared to study hard and be more disciplined as a student. As an incoming freshmen, I was often lured into skipping my homework to go out with friends or some other activity. As I matured, it became clear to me that I had to devote more time to studying in order to maintain good grades and more importantly learn information that will be useful to m in my career.


I wish I had known what a quality organization this school is and how easy the staff makes the process of applying and navigating through the process of getting an education.


Best friends are not the best roommates. You may think it will be great living with your best friend, but you actually find out more about that person after you move in together.


Work before play


I wish I had known how hard it would be to choose a major. When time is not on your side, you really have to choose something fast and I wish I knew what I wanted to do before going to college.


Not to request a random roommate!


Transitioning from living at home to living at Western isn't hard- people are there to make it easy for you. It's not nearly as scary or daunting as it may seem.


That this school has the best education program.


How hard it was going to be to leave it.


Before I went to WKU I was affraid to leave the comfort of High School. I wish I would've known that college would be so much fun and that this would be the happiest time of my life so far!


I wish i had known a little more about Kentucky and the smaller counties. I am from the north, Chicago in fact, and i didn't have a clue what people in small towns did for fun. Going home with a few friends from small towns i realized how much fun they had and how much fun i wasnt having being from a big city. I wihs i had known how much someone can learn and do in a smaller town or city.


How the broadcasting technology was not advance technoloy.


That I had better time management skills. They were not well developed until sophomore year.


I wish I had known more about the extent of the extracurricular activities.


Nothin, I grew up around the university.


I researched and knew everything I wanted to know.


I wish I had known a little more about the girl I was rooming with. Both roommates I've had were difficult to live with because we were so different. Different schedules, different political beliefs, and very different social lives.


How many hours we had to take and how to plan out my time here. There are many rules and things that I was not aware of until after getting here and some I have learned recently.


More about summer and winter classes, and finical aid for those terms. Also study abroad opportunities,and finical aid for those aswell.


What I wanted to do before I came on campus. I changed my major 3 times before I really discovered what I wanted to do. It really had no effect as far as my academic plan goes because I will get out within 4 years, but it would have been much more helpful to have known what I wanted to do.


I wish I had known that they don't give scholarships/financial aid to out-of-state students. Also, that parking is awful.


Before I came to school I wish I had known to take seriously what you wanted to do for the rest of your life. I wish I had known how important it was to express yourself as a person. You really don't have to impress anybody in college. High school is a totally different story, you spend more time trying to impress and in college there are so many people who have never met you.It is such a wonderful experience. I wish I would have known not to be close-minded when it came to friendships.


The environment is very rural. Coming from a big city like Chicago, I experienced a culture shock.


I wish I had known how hard it was going to be to get any financial aid before I came to this school. It is really hard to keep up one's grades in one's classes when one has to constantly work to cover leftover tuition costs. It is really difficult to try and study and keep up with all the classwork when you have to work and go to school and balance all of the other life issues in between. Our school's motto is fill out the fafsa and try to find some scholarships if you can.


To bring an umbrella! It rains quite often and I am from Kansas where it didn't rain all that much. There is no need to know much else because there is always someone there to help you and give assistance or advice if it is needed.