Western Michigan University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Many of the people I've talked to view Western as a second rate school. Many of the people I knew in high school thought that Western was teh place to go if your grades weren't good enough to get into Michigan or MSU. In my experience the students that go to Western are much more ambitious than the people I know from other schools. A few of my friends are parts of the business college and already have jobs lined up with some of the nations top company's (Sun Microsystems, IBM, Microsoft). Although some students don't quite take school seriously, quite a bit of the student population is ready to get out in the work world and change industries.


I didn't know of any stereotypes about WMU or WMU students when I first started here in the fall. I think one that I have heard is that WMU is a party school? Other than that, I really don't know, since I am a out of state student


That everyone spends all of their free time drinking


Party School Alcoholics Good Teaching Program Good Aviation Program Good Engineering Management Program Good Paper Engineering Program Increasingly better Engineering Program Big Campus/Small Campus feel Pretty Girls


WMU is looked at by many as a party school with no educational value.


That we all came here because we could not get into Michigan State. That we all drink all the time.


That all we do is party... and that we are the students who could not get into U of M.


People call the school "wastern" instead of Western because of its association with intoxicated college students.


I think the biggest stereotype is that Western is a party school, and nothing else.


We all drink all day long/ we are 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} alcoholics and party 55{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the week


"Wastern" = Party School WMU accepts anyone who applies and/or "breathes"


That we are all drunks and druggies who only came to Western as a last resort.


That it is a party school ("Wastern Michigan") and the only thing to do here is get drunk.


they drink alot. all they came to western is for the partying and the booze.


that WMU is a party school


If anything I've heard could count as a stereotype, it would be that WMU is something of a party school.


WMU students participate in many parties. They work hard, but do not necessarily think of school as a top priority. Many do not participate fully in classes and do not do their homework.


The biggest stereotype is that WMU students all drink and party a lot..now i know we are all in college and that's the sterotypical "thing to do" but its very uncomfortable when you don't fall into that "typical" category. Not all WMU students drink and party!


Partiers and fat.


"Wastern", lots of parties, as well as a large "alternative sexuality" population


That we're a party school (Wastern)


That this is a party school and everyone always drinks


That we are a huge party school. I've heard our school being called wastern because apparently every always parties here.


Party school (wastern)


One is that everyone drinks. That is a complete lie. Me and some of my friends don't drink. We go out to parties, yes but we don't drink. Another is Greek life. Everyone thinks that sorority girls are huge partyers and they are sluts but thats not true. There are some like that but not all. Most of my sisters aren't like that.


Western is often called wastern because its looked as a party school.


Party monsters. Everyone is a party monster. Western is called "Wastern". What does that tell you? We weren't put on Rolling Stone's Top 10 party schools because half the kids they interviewed couldn't remember going to the party the night before. We party harder than the Number One Party School.


that we're all drunk all the time.


The biggest stereotype is that WMU is Wastern and a massive party school. I can assure you, WMU is no more of a party school that any other public university of our size in the state. If you want a routy school, MSU should be your pick.


Many know Western as a party school where alcohol is quite prevalent. If you go to party stores close to campus, you’ll certainly find a t-shirt or two with the nickname “Wastern” scrawled across the front; the nickname offends some, but others wear it with pride. I’ve heard they even have names for every day of the week (like Tanked Tuesday and Thirsty Thursday).


One of the very strong stereotypes about WMU is that it is a party school. It is assumed that everyone who attends WMU only cares about partying and getting drunk. Yet another stereotype is that there is a large population of "easy" girls or "sluts" on campus and that they will also be involved with the partying scene. Last but not least, WMU is known for having the largest population of students with STD's in Michigan, which reflects upon the partying scene at WMU as well.