Western Michigan University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Western Michigan University is well known for some established programs. Some of which include; Aviation, Business, Engineering, Teaching and the Health Sciences. There are plenty of career placement oppritunities for students who are interested in those fields of study. However, there are not many oppritunities in terms of students who choose majors outside of Western's specialties. Employment in the area is likely for business, engineering and health students.


Do you RESIST moving to a lively college town with a name so cool it has its own song? CRINGE at the idea of meeting fun and interesting people from all over the world, and making friends you'll cherish your whole life long? RECOIL from the thought of learning new information and skills that will empower you to be a productive , financially successful professional? DETEST the notion that you'll look back at your college experience as absolutely the most engaging, amazing, and life-changing years of your life? If so, then Western Michigan University is NOT for you.


Someone who isn't willing to do the coursework and continueosly skip class will most likely flunk out in the first year. It is alright to party, but only if you can balance your social life with your academic life, and keep in mind where one's priorities lie.


An opened minded individual who wsihes to expand socially and academically.


You should not attend this school if your just looking for non-stop parties. Yes, we have our parties, but most of campus is very academically engaged. Our studies are very important. I strongly recommend this school if you are a minority or an international student as we have a strong minority and international student support system.


You shouldn't attend this school if you have a hard time balancing work and play. College is about taking responsiblity for your own education and if you can't handle that right away you would probably do better off at a smaller campus with a better support system or even by staying at home and going to a community college.


The main focus at school is education with an emphasis on hardwork, preperation, and involvement. Hardwork is extremely important, in order to be successful in today's world hardwork is neccesity. This school also believes in real world preperation. Many opportunities are available for students to receive an internship or practicum. Another important aspect is involvement, including school activities and volunteering. Not only is a great education important to be successful but it is also important to give back to the community. If an individual is not looking for these opportunities, then this school may not be for them.


A type of person that should not attend Western Michigan University is a lazy person. Someone who does not have time for a lot of work or does not want to put any effort into their work. A person who waits until the last minute to do projects or assignments. You need to be committed to what you want to do with your life so that you can succeed instead of slack off and not care about what you are doing. Western is one of the best schools with the best facilities, so we need to use them very wisely.


Student who should not attend western michigan university would be students who don't want to or believe in working hard. Students who think they can skid by like they did in highschool. Students who think if they go they can pass by doing the least amount of work as possible. Students who only want to attend for social reasons such as friends and parties.


A person with high moral values.


Someone who needs to know everyone around them. Western is a large school, so there will be many unfamiliar faces every single day.


This school is great for all kinds of people! There are so many different student organizations and clubs and such a diverse student population that there is sure to be a great fit for all types of personalities when attending Western Michigan University!


Someone interested in a fast-paced city life with much to do outside of school probably should not attend Western Michigan University because Kalamazoo is a very quiet, safe place.


This University is great for all types of students from all different backgrounds! You will not ever feel excluded or feel like you dont fit in... there is a place for everyone here and it's a great University to be able to succeed at!


This school is great for all types of people with all kinds of different personalities. This school is very open and diverse so you will absolutely find something here for you!


I think anyone could attend and like this University.


I don't think there is a specific person that can attend Western Michigan University. I believe that anyone that is willing to learn and get an education is capable of succeeding at Western. This university is very diverse and has something here for everyone!


I really dont think there is a type of person that shouldnt attend this school. there is something here for everyone at all skill levels


Someone who is close minded and unwilling to learn should not attend this school. Students who apply with the misconception that Western Michigan University is a party school become quickly disappointed when their grades reflect their misconception.


The kind of person that should attend WMU is someone that is interested in learning and that wants to go to a big school with a small school feel.


I don't believe there is any specific type of person who shouldn't attend this school. There are all types of people who attend this school. As long as the school contains the field you want to attend this school is appropriate for anyone.


A person with low self confidence and not a set idea about themselves, in who they are.


A individual seeking a high education with the intensions of graduating and persuing a professional career.


Students that should not attend this school are students who are not willing to socialize and those that are not serious about their school work.


WMU is a great school, but also a fun school with a lot of things going on. A person who can't buckle down and study will get very distracted and do very poorly.


Someone looking for a school close to home, a school not too big and not tiny. Most students here work in addition to attending school full time, and many have a very active social life; students who like to keep busy, be it with school, work, or social time. Lots of small classes are available, but usually you'll have one large lecture per semester.


This school has a diverse dtudent body. There is no type of student who should not attend this school.


somebody who doesnt care about there school work and doesn't want to have fun while gaining an education at the same time.


Its good for all!


A person should not attend this school if they are extremely serious about school. It does not take a lot to get into Western, and they should try to get into a more competitive and academically challenging school. A person should also not attend Western if they don't have any school spirit, or if they take life too seriously. Western is a very fun, friendly and welcoming campus that thrives on similar attitudes.


someone who is all about their work or all about their partying. i've seen a lot of people fail because they party to much and a lot of people hate this school because they didnt socialize at all


A student looking for a small intimate environment, or a student looking for a big city university.


Someone who thinks that we're just a party school and doesn't want to work at all. Western takes some work, it's harder than you think!


I don't know... There is a lot for everyone. The majority of people it seems are highly focused on partying/drinking


Persons who want to get employed after college shouldn't go to WMU. I am only kidding. I graduated at a bad time in the job market. Honestly Id say someone who enjoys a heafty workload shouldn't go here.


I think that Western accepts all people and everyone should come to Western if they think it is what is best for them.


Someone who is looking for a small school and not many students,


A person who does not want to go to college! You have to work for your grades adn be willing to put in effort!


The type of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who has absolutely no intention of doing work or studying, someone who intends on spending all their time on drugs and alcohol instead of being a serious student.