Western Michigan University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is that they offer a variety of majors, minors and courses. If they don't offer the class or major that you want a future career in, they will do what they can and give you other similar majors that can get you to that same point.


The best thing was the way professors cared about their students and how they learned.


Diversity! Diverse student body, faculty, and programs; and they even have a flight school!


The best thing about my school is that it helps students who travels on the bus. If you do not have a car, you get to travel on the bus for free. The bus fare is included in the school fee. When you travekl on public transportation, all you have to do is show your school id. Sometimes, you have to travel to more than one campus. They have buses the bring you to the different campuses they have. In addition, if you live on campus, their buses will drop you off at home.


I consider the best thing about my school to be the people. I have made some of the best friends in the world, and I never feel judged when walking around the campus. I never feel as though I am not good enough, and if I ever need to ask for help, I know that somebody will do so. Everyone is ridiculously helpful and friendly, and I could not have asked for a better first year, with (hopefully) many more to follow.


The business college has great programs for all majors as well as having professors who know what they are talking about. The use of technology in the school is encouraged.


It is just big enough to have as many oportunities as you need to succeed, but not too big to where you feel like your drowning in people. I also really like that it is located in a larger city, lot of opportunities for off campus jobs.


Western Michigan University is in a great location that allows students to be self sufficient, have fun things to do, and a great college campus for students to feel welcomed. Also, the Kalamazoo Promise helps under privelaged kids chances to attend Western Michigan University for FREE!


I'm sure many students feel the same way about their schools, but what I really think is important about Western is the fact that we want to do projects that help benefit our community. By helping the community, they return the favor by helping out its college students with jobs, discounts, and fun activities.




The classes are great. You'll definitely find your major here. Buses running everywhere. You can get from your dorn directly to your class by taking one or two buses. Several dining halls with different food options Many residence options This is the most friendly University I've ever been to


I love how WMU has a great balance of programs. They have everything from medical to aviation to teaching programs. Not only do they have many different programs, but most of their programs are constantly considered some of the top in the state of Michigan, if not the entire United States.


Western Michigan is a good transitional school. I was very used to a small town and it helped me adjust to "city" living easily. The campus is always improving and my best experience was with the professors I had. They were so passionate about what they were teaching that it actually made me consider teaching at a higher level once I had career experience under my belt. The school was immensely helpful in helping me find my path and making sure it was truly the right thing for me.


The best thing about Western Michigan University Is its size. It is a fairly large school so there will always be new people to meet. However, the college still manages to give you individuality, there are many student organizations, clubs and programs that student can join. This helps make the college feel like it was made for you. Everyone can find a extracurricular activity here. Its also a great way to meet new people and make friends.


i appreciated the ability to conduct genetic studies on zebrafish embryos. The lab experience was volunteer-based however priceless.


It's a great school in a great city. Kalamazoo is relatively plain, but there is something sticky about it that keeps me here.


I consider all of the student organizations to be the best thing because you can choose from so many and get involved! The student organizations are a great way to meet people, especially as a freshman. It is also provides a lot of opportunites for networking in the future and succeeding academically.


The best thing about WMU is that it's a pretty big campus, but it feels like a small campus. There are so many people and places that fit in with your interests and yet if you want to get away from all of that for a bit it's as easy as heading to the other side of campus. You really meet great people at Western and the facilities are magnificent for whatever you plan on going into.


I think the best thing about Western Michigan University is the level that they prepared me for college. Being from a small private school, I was intimidated about the idea of going to a school with thousands of students. But Western had many orientations and welcome seminars to attend, and each time I went I met new people and learned new things about the campus.


I actually have not attended school here yet. I'm going to be a transfer student this coming year for 2010-2011. But what I would say Iike best about what I've seen in my visit and heard from others is how great their psychology program is. They have one of the top programs in the state and I'm excited to experience it. Also, the staff is very friendly and welcoming. I just feel at home there.


I think the residence halls are the best things on campus. They make going to class easy, and they keep students closer together so it's easier to make friends.


The b est thing about my school would be the course selection that they offer.


The best thing about my school is President Dunn. He is always around and is available if you ever need him. He doesn't act like he is too important for everyone else and likes to get to know the students, which is very admirable.


The best thing about the university is that the classroom are not that far away from each other and the teachers are all supportive.


What I consider to be the best thing about Western Michigan University is the size of the school. It is not a small school, but it is also not a large school. You get to know a lot of people on the campus, but always find new friends also.


The best thing about Western is that most of the classes that I have had so far were not too large so I could get to know all the student and the professors knew who I was by name.


I consider the best thing about my school the enthiusiastic teachers and their genuine desire for you to suceed. The teachers are for the most part very down to earth and can easily pull real-world examples from their experince in the field. If you are already and interested and inspired student, Western Michigan provides a very fine atmosphere which is conducive to learning.


The faculty and staff here are interested in my success. They have really encouraged me toward academic development. Growing academically has helped me pursue a degree in a field that really is my best fit. My interactions with the faculty here have allowed me to know how I can personally relate my individuality and experiences to what I am learning in my classes. The faculty and staff here know that, when I am working in a career, I will be more successful doing something I am skilled at when I truly enjoy the work tasks.


The school spirit is the best thing about this school! Everyone including teachers and students have so much pride here at Western Michigan University!


We have a lot of good programs. I'm able to double major in dance and electrical engineering, which would be impossible almost everywhere else, and I love it.


The best thing at this school is fellow students and friends.


I think school spirit is a very strong point of my school.


The best thing is the diversity and large amount of social opportunities.


What I enjoy about Western Michigan University the most is: We have a learning environment that incorporates case studies, research papers; a high amount of team projects, which are used to simulate real world situations, and challenging work. The professors teach the material, but at the same time they also expect you to learn on your own, forming responsibility on the students end. My school surely has a competitive learning environment. On the flip-side Western also has a very thrilling party scene. This is credited to the hard schoolwork done; in general, we work as hard as we play.


The best thing that I consider about this school is that its not to big, its close to home and it offers a wide variety of programs for anyone and everyone.


Lots to do around campus.


There is always something going on; sports, music, shows, partys.


WMU is a medium sized state school so there are 5 diferennt colleges and a lot of things to do, a sourrounded by a great surbrerban area that is growing. Kalamazoo has lots of unique places and aspects to it that make socal life fun. but i think the best thing about campus is that it is small enough where no mater what day it is, when i am on campus i usually pass someone i know or have had class with, so keeps the morral personal and fun while at school.


The opportunities available to get internships and do things you wouldn't normally do. There are tons of organizaions on campus that provide opportunities to try new things


I like it's close proximity to things. It's less than an hour from home, two hours from Detroit, and two hours from Chicago. It's small so that it's not as large as U of M or MSU, but it's big enough that you're not stuck between two or three buildings. I really like the friendly faculty and staff; I never had so many people hold doors open for me until I came here!


The courses and material provides real-life application.


this school has rich diversity. there are many students and teachers from all over the world. i have often worked in groups with foreign exchange students. it is neat to get to learn about other cultures and see what is differents and similar throughout the world.


The attitude. Everyone is very relaxed, nonjudgemental, and laid back.


I came here for the music program, I'm a music voice major. The comradery found in the school of music is unlike any other department on campus. Their is a sense of community and friendship that you don't find in many of the other majors. The fine arts department is very unique becuase we are one of the rare schools that actually has an excelling jazz program. WMU turns out many professional musicians who go on to have great careers.


The best thing about WMU is the size and location. Buildings are not too far apart, it is pretty close to everything a student needs (groceries, mall, movie store. etc.) The class sizes are good too.


The ability to find people who are willing to help. All over are people who wanna help, but just need a chance to get to you.


The best thing about Western is how much other students are willing to help. A lot of other schools have students who compete against each other. At Western, we all try to help everybody out in class.


The size of the school is just right. There aren't too many students to make the classes too large or the campus too full. The professors are also very concencious of the students and do what they can, when they can to help.


The best thing about Western is my advisors. I have changed my major this year after a lot of discussion and meetings with them. They were all patient and understanding and helped me to select the major that would make me happier in life.


The professors in the nursing program because they expect a lot out of their students and they are very encouraging and available.