Western New England University Top Questions

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The small class sizes make my student and professor realtionships stronger and more unique than most schools. The school is located in a great part of Springfield and has an active athletic community.


My school has a program that is called Peer Advising. This program assigns peer advisors a group of incoming freshmen, their advisees, to guide through their first year. This program gave me confidence before even stepping onto campus for my first day that this school was goign to help me to achieve. Not every school has this program and I am greatly appreciative for this program. I am currently a freshman at college but nest year I will be one of the Peer Advisors fro the freshamn.


If you can afford to go to this school and are admitted to a better one - go there. This law school is over-priced, over-valued, and offers little (if anything) in the way of helping you transition from passing the bar to actually being a lawyer. On the other hand, if you like being on your own, figuring things out for yourself, or just plain know someone to help you get that first lawyering job, then this might be the place for you. If I had to do it all over again - well, I wouldn't.


Although I was accepted to Suffolk, I preferred going to a smaller school in a smaller city. It is helpful as far as if I need anything at a convenient store, grocery store, mall, etc. It is also close to home, but not too close (out of state). The campus is very gorgeous compared to other schools I visited. The faculty and upperclassmen were very welcoming and sociable as well.


smaller class sizes and personal relationships between students and prof