Western New England University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Western New England University?


Small class sizes, good food, free laundry, exciting classes


I brag about how much I love Western New England. I brag about how many great friends that I have made and all the great times we have together at the school. I brag about playing football and the great team and especially the great coaches that we have. I brag about that I have found myself and what I want to major in now with the help of professors and counselors at WNE who care about me. I brag about all the people at WNE that do care about me. I brag about how how happy I am here.


I talk about my courses and the professors. Also including my close friends here at school whom actually I believe will be friends for life. I studied abroad one semester, so I also talked about how easy it was to study abroad and my advisor provided assistance with the application process of that. The on campus housing is very comfortable, easy to socialize with others, and preferred rather than off campus housing.


how easy it is to get around my campus


I brag about how nice the facilities are. I also brag obout my professorsand all the differnt activities going on


That it's the perfect fit for me and that the accounting curriculum will get me a great job.