Western New England University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Western New England University? Why?


One of the buildings need to remodeled. The building is just old and decaying. I know the building is going to be redone soon, so I have no worries about it.


Both the lack of diversity on our campus and unprofessional bias within offices are the worst "things" about the institution. Obviously, lack of diversity is something that takes time to change, however, over the three years that I have been involved with the institution, diversity on campus has changed very little if so at all. In terms of "unprofessional bias," many of the offices on campus support young professionals who become emotionally involved with students, often times playing "favorites" and making things very difficult for those students who may be better qualified for opportunities, yet not the "favorite".


The worst thing about Western New England College is that there is not much to do off campus. There are also not many stores around the school.


The worst thing about my school was the business majors. They walk around campus with an air of entitlement and are typically rude to those around them.


Not enough financial aid for those who need it. Also, not enough on-campus jobs for those students not eligible for Work Study.


Having to walk to class in the winter.


The campus is not very politically oriented.


The meal plan... everything else is great!