Western New England University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Western New England University?


Someone who wants to go to a big college.


In my opinion I believe everyone should attend this great college. Western New England College is a great place for everyone. But if a person doesnt like smaller classes that are more interactive and show more attention to the individual student this college isn't for that person. Also if a person doesn't like the city atmosphere outside of the campus then that person shouldn't attend this school. Western New England College overall is a great place for all students looking for a successful future.


Those who should not attend Western New England College are those looking for a large school or looking for a place with a lot to do off campus. Western New England College has a very self-contained campus.


Someone looking for a party school, or the large college. Also there is no Greek life on campus. Most people are here to work hard for a good job after they leave college. If you are looking for the easy way out my school is not for you.


basically no specific type