Western State Colorado University Top Questions

Describe the students at Western State Colorado University.


I'm enrolled to start this fall so i haven't started yet and have yet yo meet any of my classmates. From what i could see on Facebook they all seem to have similar interests in the outdoors.


My classmates are outgoing and fun, they love spending time out doors but are very dedicated to their schooling. People at WSCU love having fun throwing parties and having fun.


Although they come from different states many from Colorado and Alaska and we had a good portion of students from Australia and New Zealand, Western’s students are pretty homogenous. They are largely from middle class backgrounds but may be living a lower to middle class life style as they make their way through school. The talk of money is not a big conversation topic at Western. Western does have an LBGT club and students that are racial and ethnic minorities but the LBGT presence is not well known and non-white students are very few and far between. Western also has far more males than females that attend the school. At one point it was reported as a 4:1 ratio but it I think it is more like 3:1 now. Pretty depressing for a school that was started as an all female school. Most of the students that go to Western can be classified as Hippies, Thrill-seekers, and Redneck/hicks with the rest falling into the crowd that includes a lot of the Education, Fine and Performing arts and some business major types. The latter group is the one you are most likely to have running Student Government/Program Council type activities.


The students are able to openly and freely express themselves without feeling opressed or judged by their opinions.


Students at Western State College love life and the outdoors.


very laid back, friendly and there are a lot of hippies.


Everyone is incredibly friendly.


Friendly outgoing, high energy, outdoorsy