Western Washington University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I am a transfer student from Eastern Washington University. I begin Western Washington University in the spring of 2015 but I have already been all over the campus. The architecture and art found throughout the campus is very tasteful and fun. The variety of trees and plant life provides a sense of relaxation and mindfulness. And the staff and student workers are pleasantly helpful. I know I will be successful at WWU.


Overall, I think Western Washington University is a great school. Although they aren't the largest, I think they have many programs to choose from to study as well as to help you figure out what to study. Bellingham is a great place to live with many recreational opportunities. I am happier here than I ever thought I would be.


I really enjoy going to Western. It is a medium sized school (about 15,000 students) yet most classes above the 100 level are smaller where you can get to know the whole class. There is a lot of student involvement in the school, in clubs, and in the community. Bellingham is definitely a college town and it is a great place to live as a college student. The area is also really great with an arboretum bordering campus, an amazing view of Puget Sound, and Mt. Baker a great skiing/snowboarding destination just a short drive away. There is also the ability to go up to Vancouver BC in Canada in under an hour. Overall there are a ton of options for entertainment, a great community, and a lot of student body involvement. P.S. Western students are some of the nicest people. I felt much more welcomed and appreciated visiting Western's campus versus other schools in WA. That is why I ultimately decided to go here. We even have a random acts of kindness club whose goal is to just randomly make peoples day better. The last time I saw them I received a delicious cup of free hot cocoa (made with milk rather than water so it was extra creamy).


My overal opinion about Western is that it is a very accepting school. People accept you for who you are. Although students and faculty are accepting people, hardly anyone has school spirit. There is no "hey are you going to the basketball game tonight?" Most students could care less about supporting our sports teams.


I really love Western, everyone is so friendly and welcoming, it is just an amzing atmosphere here! The bus system is also amazingly good so you can easily get from one place to the other. Also, it is a college town for sure. The issue here is that it is very difficult to find a part time job just because of the fact it is a college town and everyone is looking for a job.


Western's great. The campus is beautiful and the faculty are amazing and attentive. I've made many great life-long friends at Western. I don't regret choosing to go here. It's a small school, but that fits me just right. I didn't want to go to a large school in which I would be hidden in a sea of faces. People usually have a very good perception of Western and I'm proud to be a Western Viking!


Amazing. That's all you wanted to know, right?! But honestly, I love it here! In my opinion, the best thing about Western is Woodring, the teaching program... but that might be because I'm biased since that's what I'm studying :) Western's campus is one thing that really drew me to the school. It's a smaller campus, which I prefer, and it feels very "homey." Prior to coming to college, I had never lived anywhere other than with my parents, and I have a seriously close relationship with my family. I got homesick after staying with a friend for 2 days! (Sad, I know, but at least I admit it!) However, I can honestly say that I've never been homesick here. I think it's because there's always something to do (especially if you join one or more of the awesome clubs on campus!) Everyone was so friendly and welcoming my freshman year, and it made the whole transition so much easier. Some little tidbits of information: -One thing I'd change: Probably that there were more school sports (particularly football) that students can attend. I have always been jealous of my friends who go to WSU and UW because of how much fun their football games are and how much they bring their school together. -School size: I think that Western is the perfect size for a college. It's not too small that there's nothing to do, and it's not overwhelmingly large that you get lost all of the time or cannot make it from one side of campus to the other in time for class. It's also filled with lots of trees and artwork, which makes Western one of the most beautiful campuses I've ever been to :) -Bellingham: It is definitely a college town, although there are plenty of families that live in the area. Most of the businesses and restaurants around here are "catered" toward college students in the sense that they are always offering great discounts to students. There's a lot to do downtown, especially when you're 21+, like bars, clubs, little coffee shops, and hanging out at the park. Western's campus is a mere 5 minutes away from Boulevard Park - the most popular hangout spot for students in the spring/summer months. It's a park that sits right on the water, full of playgrounds for children, grassy areas to hang out and play on, and trails/docks to run and take walks on. Bellingham is honestly one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen, and I don't think I can do it justice to try and describe everything on here. You'll just have to come see for yourself! :)


I really like the size and how well most professors know their students, after just my first quarter, already two professors knew me by name, so the class sizes are really good i think (a few big lecture hall classes, but overall very few. I wish our school had more school spirit though, because there isnt a football team I feel like most people don't show up for other sports as well which is kind of a bummer, and we don't have activities like homecoming. WWU is a good school, although a lot of people here do planning on transferring to UW (or originally wanted to go to UW but didn't get in) this is partially due to WWU not having the program that students want to major in (one such is nursing). I spend most of my time doing hw at various places on campus and just hanging out, I really like open mic. nights on tuesdays, as well as relaxing in my dorm, working out in the beautiful rec center and occasionally going to town. The one issue I have with that though, is unless you want to go to downtown B-ham or Fairhaven, it kind of takes a long time on the bus to get to the mall and such, so those trips are usually saved for weekends. Big new this year so far has been Dwight Clark, as well as the party bus which recently stopped that was going to houses to administer MIP's (dumb I know), it cut down on kids partying outside the dorms and I'm pretty sure it increased partying on campus (although party's here arn't that great, nothing like WSU or anything, more of just get togethers and drinking and smoking and socializing. I love the campus, it really is beautiful especially right by the ocean and all, a few complaints would be that the bricks get very slippery when it snows, and that the dining hall food gets old pretty fast. Other then that I love WU and the people who go here.