Westfield State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Westfield is best known for giving the best quality of education for a lot less money than other universities around them. They are plenty of well-versed teachers who have a strong passion for what they teach which motivates me to become passionate about what I’m learning.


Westfield State University is best known for the strong Criminal Justice Program. I, personally, am not a part of it but a majority of students are a part of it and find great success from it. Westfield is also known for it's Education program, which I am a part of and am very impressed with. The staff members are all extremely helpful and qualified and each course helps every student prepare for their future.


My school is best known for our Criminal Justice and Education majors, and our amazing New Student Orientation program.


Well, most of the students that attend our college come with their friends from their home towns. Since it is a small school, everyone knows each other in some way, and it is hard to change the perseptions of you from high school. We do not have cliques, but there are definitely different groups of friends that stick together, and are known for what they do with their free time. Also, we do have a lot of drinking that goes on at our school, not necessarily for freshmen, because MOST parties are off campus.


Criminal Justice and Education


Westfield, AKA "Waste-field" is really known for its alcohol habits and a place where kids who were good in sports in high school reveive more money in scholarships than kids who are there for the academics.