Westfield State University Top Questions

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I've visited many other universities and have attended a larger university and I can really say that Westfield never failed to make me feel at home. What I find most unique are the professors that teach there. I have formed great relationships with many of the faculty at Westfield State University, which is a big part of the reason why I am filling out his survey today. They really helped me get to where I am today and I am happy to say that today is when I decided to start a graduate program this coming spring.


When looking at Westfield State I fell in love with the area. I find the area to be very unique because there is a center of town that has every shopping necessity a college student needs, plus Westfield even has a resident hall located in the center! I also love the fact there is a beaufitful park across the street that is fun to take walks in, do homework at, and even just hangout with friends and play frisbee. This is an amazing area to go to school, I feel like it's the type of college shown in movies.


Westfield State is unique compared to other schools I considered becasue it is a small campus in a great small city. Westfield as a community offers its students a home-town feeling and encourages us to fulfill our dreams. The community supports many activities held by the college, such as fundraisers, sporting events, and school plays and concerts. Many residents also open their homes to students who want to go away for college without having to pay the outrageous dorm fees. Westfield State University is widely respected among the community.


The campus was really beautiful and there is always something to do.


Any where you need to go you can get there within 5 to 10 minutes by walking


It had the major I was considering, plus it was a State school.


There are some new upgrades, like large screen tv's around the campus with announcements and information. Its pretty neat!


I would say that the general student population at Westfield State seem to have a lot in common. Everyone seems to come from a middle class background and enjoy a lot of similair things.