Westfield State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had a better understanding of what clubs and activities would be available to me once I started attending. This way I would have been able to come to the school with an idea of what I wanted to participate in, knowing what to look for. There are endless clubs on campus for any interests but being introduced to the clubs prior to coming to school, I would have been able to get involved right away.


I wish that I knew more about the student clubs, so I would have felt more confident in joining my freshmen year. However, next year I will be joining more groups, because I want to be involved. Having already spend one year there, I've gained the confidence to do so.


I wish I had know that you need to be more outgoing at college and not be afraid to ask people to hang out or to go get dinner. College is about making friends so you shouldn't be afraid to say hello to someone and start a conversation with them. I also wish I had known how many people go home on the weekends. It is hard to meet people when most people don't stay on campus on the weekends.


How it was kind of in the middle of no where.


I visited Westfield 3 times before I chose to go there, so when I made my decision, I was pretty sure it was the best fit for me. When I first visited Westfield State, I wasn't impressed, but I went back and the second time I started to like it more, when I went as an accepted student, I really started to feel very comfortable with my surroundings. I had two top choices and one school was somewhat larger than Westfield and close to the city, you have to know where your more comfortable!


I think it would have been great to have been informed about the required courses for my major and what semesters they are offered and the times. I also would have liked to know more about the parking. There is a tutoring room that I wish I knew where it was located and what subjects/classes they tutor.


I wish I had known more about the college and job opportunities for students who live on campus. Although the campus tuition and fees covers everything you need at school it is still beneficial for the average student to have a little bit of spending cash for those weekend trips and social activities. Westfield has a number of on campus jobs that students can sign up for to earn that extra few dollars that they would like to have.


Before attending Westfield State College I wish I had known that every little bit helps. I learned this because I thought I had started the college search process early, but I had not visited every college on my list. I did visit Westfield and liked it, but I wish I had seen what the other schools had to offer. Also, I wish I had known to look at even the smallest scholarship awards because they add up. Every piece of financial help you can receive helps in the long run.


I wish I had stayed on campus the first weekend I was there. Going home didn't allow me to make friends right away, although i eventually did become friends with many of the students that live on my floor in my dorm.


I wish I would have saved more money before college.


Nothing really, the school did a really good job with giving important information during tours and such beforehand. Maybe the only thing that isn't too important is the quality of the food sometimes. The quality tends to be pretty poor at most times.


I wish i had known that college is a time to discover who you are and to not let others determine it for you. At college you get to find out how you react to situations your self and how you will chose to live independantly.


That i didn't need to go to a college prep highschool to get into a great college.


i am satisfied with everything i knew about Westfield. The tour and informational meetings really prepared me and told me everything I need to know about this school.


I actually learned alot about this school before I came so I was very well prepared. The only thing I think peopele should be more aware of is staying on top of graduation requirments


The school practically shuts down on weekends and over half the school goes home on the weekends. There's nothing to do for students who stay on campus, hence the drinking.