Westfield State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Westfield State University is the quality education that you aquire over four years for a reasonable cost. Westfield provides those who graduate with the opportunity to get out into the world and start a career for themselves. The carreer services at Westfield are extrememly helpful as well; such as, on-campus job interviews, internships, resume assistance, and career/job search classes.


Easy to get to.


The best thing about WSC is the students and faculty. Everyone is friendly and kind. From day one I felt like I belonged and wasn't hesitant about asking questions or voicing my concerns. I was quick to make a few friends that I was able to get in touch with if I missed class or to do group work with. The faculty responds to email very quickly with any questions I may have.


The best part of my experience so far has been the commitment and enthusiasm of my professors. Every one I have encountered has had a great attitude, extensive knowledge of his or her area of expertise, and a willingness to be on friendly terms with his or her students. My professors have been very understanding and wiling to help me with anything I need.


What drew me to the campus was its beauty in the spring- before the renovations.


The thing I enjoy most about my school is the class sizes. I like that I am able to be involved in class and ask questions if I need to. When your in class at westfield your an actual student, not just a number.


The best thing about Westfield State that it is in a very, nice area versus some of the other state school nearby. It has many good resources for students, it isn't too overly-priced, and has a good student population size.


The best thing about my school is the friendly and family like atmosphere. Everyone is looking out for your best interest and is always there to help you.


The campus green, courtyard area, is very pretty. Aesthetically pleasing.


The best thing about my school is the availablilty of resources for students. If I need a computer, there are plenty of computer labs. If I need career advisement, our career center is updated and helpful. If I need a journal article ext, the library is also updated and we have an excellent online database. If I am hungry, there are places to eat and so on...