Westminster College-New Wilmington Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I guess the worst thing I could think of would be the fact that there are so many organizations on the campus, that there isnt enough time to join them all to see what they accomplish or what their mission is. Because of the various organizations, I wont ever be able to meet everyone before I graduate!


I feel like the worst thing about my school is something positive, yet negative: There is so much to participate in. It's hard to manage your time between wanting to be involved in activities, clubs, school events and projects. I had such a difficult time deciding how I wanted to "make my mark" and contribute to Westminster College. My advice is to definitely spread yourself where you feel you can be a great attribute, but don't spread yourself too thin because academics should take precedent over extra curricular activities.


The lack of air conditioning in many buildings on campus, including the dorms. Also, the food gets old, there is some variety but not enough for everyone's taste.


The school is wonderful; classes are great, but the administrative processes involving the registrar's office and financial aid are a headache. Both offices seem to have trouble doing their jobs well and in a timely manner. If you attend this school, you need to closely keep track of anything involving these offices so you can ensure what needs to be accomplished is actually getting done. Also, if you win outside scholarships, keep an eye on your financial aid; Westminster has been known to reduce the amount of aid it gives you and just replace it with your scholarship.


The worst thing would have to be the location. I love that it is in the middle of no where when it comes to needing quiet for studying and so on. But at the same time the location leads to a lot of partying for many students because late at night; especially on the weekends, there is little to do and a lot of the student body goes hom.


The tuition amount. It's so expensive that it's difficult to come up with enough money each year in order to pay for it. I love the education and community I feel at Westminster, but the tuition amount is a killer, even with student loans.


IT structue. The internet is down occasionally and can cause problems.