Westminster College-Salt Lake City Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The small class sizes, and the amount of attention I get from professors. A lot of my friends also ask about financial aid and I love being able to tell them I'm not paying for school at all, my financial aid package covered everything.


Quality of classes and class size. Very personal attention.


I brag about all the services they offer and how we can get so many different passes for much cheaper. We can get a ski pass to one of our local ski resorts for almost half the cost of what it would normally cost. They also have discounted tickets to games, movies, and other events. We also get a free bus/trax pass to use.


I can’t seem to stop talking about how incredible the professors are. They all know you personally and some have become my great friends, mentors, inspirations, and driving forces. The classes are small and it allows you to get to know them on a personal level. They know about me, where i am going, what i have accomplished and where i want to end up. They are my mentors and they guide me and provide me with support, resources, and advice. Not to mention they are extremely intellectual and all have PhD’s in their field.


When I tell friends about my schools, I brag about everything. Firstly, the excellent education and resources that I am offered each and every day. I can actually converse with my teachers and fellow students, and discuss the topics on hand rather than just listening to them. Secondly, the great events Westminster Clubs host. Rail jams, movie nights, discounted passes to places all over Utah, among other great perks is an advantage unique to Westminster. Finally, I brag about May-Term. Every full time student gets four free credits at the end of the year to travel and fulfill requirements.


That we have a indoor climbing wall, free tutoring, can print our papers for free. Our largest class is 30 students and it only takes 10mins to get from one side to the campus to the other.


How awesome the campus is. Everyone is super friendly, it is kind of a ski-bum school, but I think it's awesome and really fun.


I brag most about the great skiing and outdoor activites that the wasatch range provides. Moutain bikin, hiking, rock climbing... also i brag about the small class sizes and positive learning environment


I tell my friends about the parties, there are a lot. They are really fun. I also tell them about the small classes we have because not a lot of other schools have a max of 25 people in each class. Everyone goes skiing a lot thats what a lot of Westminster kids come here for so that's really fun. I also tell them about how small our school is so pretty much everybody knows everyone else.


I really like the small class sizes. It's nice to be able to interact with the professor during the class. Another nice thing about Westminster is that the staff has a lot of practical experience. They do a really good job of giving real world examples of how we can apply what we learn in class.