Westminster College-Salt Lake City Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


If you live on campus, you have to have a meal plan. There are only 2 options for meal plans- Gold ($1,774) and Purple ($1,405) per semester. If you live in the apartment style dorms, you can cook in your kitchen whenever, but if you don't spend the meal plan money it goes to waste. The availability of only two meal plans doesn't give students many options. In addition, I didn't use all the money in the semester. They need to have a lesser option or more flexibility with the money.


Having to take too many liberal education credits rather than credits for my major.


There is limited parking. If you live off from campus then you should think about getting to school early. The classes are really small, so if you want to blend-into the backroung then this is not your school. The teachers will call you if you're not in class for a test and they all know when you're not in class that day. People tend to find out what's going on in you're life.


The most frustrating things at my school is parking; there are not enough parking spots. Getting into classes you need for your major is now hard, because of the student population is growing so fast, the school is not getting more professors to accommodate the growth. Cafeteria is awful, there is only 1 on campus and the selection on entries are constant, need variety.


The most frustrating thing about my current school is the hours of the library. During weekends the hours are very short, the hours do not extend into the later part of the day. This contributes to students not being able to study in a quiet place. Because the dorms are usually loud on weekend evenings, students are not able to concentrate on their studies if studying there. This causes students to give up on studying and instead party with the rest of the students. Also, during finals week library hours were not extended to accomidate students.


There isn't enough diversity and there are more people that are close minded than I expected.


the most frustrating thing about my school is some of the teachers inability to apply their subjects to things that interest me. some other the older teachers do not present their sibjects in a way that entices my imagination so I find their subjects hard because I do not apply myself


There wasn't anything too frustrating, being a smaller school there was not a whole lot of options on a variety of alternative classes. (elective classes)


Students. The way they act towards the teachers, and the way they act towards each other. In my experience I loved high school, kids were for the most part respectful and didn't think that they knew it all. At Westminster, students are not outgoing, and for the most part only care about getting drunk.


At times it is difficult to work out financial aid in time to do enough planning that paying for the rest of your tuition isn't stressful.


I wish there were more electives. My major is finance, and I felt like my upper division elective choices were rather limited. I wish there was a class on futures, swaps, and derivatives that I could take.