Westmont College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Westmont is a school for people who are determined to succeed and who really want to know everybody on their campus. Do not attend Westmont if you plan on skipping classes frequently. Professors tend to know the names of all of their students and know if they are not in class. At Wetmont you need to study to do well, there are no easy classes. However, the people are all very nice, you will make life long friends and the beach is right down the road


Westmont College will suit a conservative, christian student the best. One who will not be bothered by the strict rules placed between opposite sex. One must also not mind having to attend chapel very frequently. People who attend Westmont are fairly closed minded, so someone who is conservative will find many people who fit their views. It is also a very outdoorsy school, so if one enjoys hiking and going to the beach, Westmont has a beautiful scenery for them.


A person who is highly in to Party life. People that have strong Christian or Catholic Backround should attend. People looking for diversity and big populated schools shouldnt attend Westmont. Athletics are very small.


Students shouldn't attend Westmont if they want to party every night or if they are afraid of being around religious people. While your ideas wont totally be shut down, and many ideas are explored, having a Christian base (whether strong or weak) is a plus. Also, if you don't like being engaged academically, or don't like the beach, this is not the school for you. Finally, if you have a specific interest, make sure we have the full program you are looking for.


A person who wants the "party life"- the kind with drugs and alcohol. We drink tea and smoke- thats about how crazy it gets. Westmont is a very mellow, down to earth, and relaxed school.


a pale satanist


someone who is looking for a "real college experience" of partying


The kind of person that shouldn't attend Westmont is someone who likes to party alot, drink or use drugs. Westmont is a dry campus and you are not even suppose to be drinking if you are off campus. Also Westmont requires a decent amout of time for studying, or working on classwork/homework, so if a student wants mostly free time in college i wouldn't recomment this school. This college is relatively small compared to others out there, so if a certain individual was looking for a larger campus, this wouldn't be the right one.


someone hoping to for only tidy answers and not open dialogue about big questions. Someone hoping to keep question about purpose and faith separate from questions of career and job.


The sort of person who needs lots of people, large class sizes, fraternities, etc.


If you're looking for a party school, or if you're not willing to apply yourself academically, Westmont is not the school for you. However, if academics are all you care about, Westmont is also not the school for you because such a big part of Westmont is the community.

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