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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The biggest advice that I would give to myself is to save money. College is expensive and I wish that I would have saved dmore money. Another set of advice that I would give mysel is to leave my options open as to what school to attend. Look into as many schools as possible nd do as much research on schools as I could. I would also tell myself that I should take school more seriously and become a "nerd" more then worry about going out with friends. I also would tell myself that I should get more involved in community service and volunteering. Lastly, I would tell myself not to hold myself back and to get involved in school groups, activities, and clubs.


Assuming that I could go back in time and have an educated discussion with myself, I would probably tell myself to get a job and keep his eye on the prize. I would tell myself that the people you are around are very inconsiderate and do not look out for the best, and that it is time that you tried to move forward on your own. I would also say that the advice they give is not to be taken into consideration because you will regret listening to them. I would explain that some of the decisions they want you to make are for their own benefit and have nothing to do with your dreams and wishes. I would tell him that he should take his time and make the right decision on his future goal. As a personal tip I would tell him that he should do some studying over the summer of all of his math classes that he has taken over the years so that he can test out of them as they are tedious. I would leave him knowing that he will make the best choices and face his own consequences on his own time.


High school really is the easiest it gets.


Pay attention and be more involved.

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