Westwood College-Denver North Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I were to look back at myself in high school I would tell myself to focus on school and go straight into college. Because of my home life, school was the last thing I thought about. I had to find food for my sister and I because my parents were not responsible. I also became a teen parent my senior year. This presented a lot of challenges to me. I never thought about continuing on in school. But, after watching my wife so passionately complete her BSN degree, I decided I needed to go back to better myself and my family. I am proud to show my 13 year old son it's never to late to fulfill your dreams and to never give up. I just wish I would have gone to school right out of high school so my life could already be on the path of success.


I would tell my high school senior self to get better grades and be more involved with the community and extracurricular activities. To better prepare myself for college level courses and apply for as many scholarships as possible. I'd explain that focusing on good SAT, ACT, and AP scores combined with the best grades and creditbility can get me to any University in the state, country at that. I would also say to study not only for grades, but to expand my knowledge beyond the standard course material for future reference.


If I were able to go back in time and talk to myself, I would say, "Apply to scholarships, they can save you from loans and debts!" I would push myself to apply to many more colleges. Suggesting to move out of this town would also pop out and getting myself to look harder for a better degree.


If I were able to go back in time and have a conversation with myself, I'd tell myself to quit wasting time and join the military. Not only are the doors to college easier to walk through after the military, but the career choices are also very abundant. Those two combinations are powerful tools in securing a future. Plus, the education would be paid for by the military, thus a free education and great career options. Even knowing I'm a hard knocks learner, I'd beat those ideas into myself until I couldn't take it anymore and the only way to make my future self leave is to 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} agree to the terms of going in the military and getting my CJ degree on the government.


So far, out of my college experience, I have learned a lot more responsibility. With out these valuble responsibility lessons that i have come across I may not have taken the responsibility to pay my bills on time every month. Also, in college, my people skills have steadily developed to a point where i could start a conversation with any random person.


My eyes were opened to a whole new world as a college student. I was able to choose the subjects I was interested in and in those classes, I was awakened by new points of view on politics, religion and life in general. Through my experiences I was able to construct a foundation for a strong bright future. I created goals that I have yet to reach but definitely will. A degree for me, as an Arabian woman and mother, is a weapon that I will use to fight anyone who stands in the way of my success. My success as a mother before anything else. I want to set an example for my children and show them that with a degree the world is at their fingertips. Through my college experience and the people that I met, I learned to be strong and wise. I can't wait to finish my degree and begin a whole new life.


As soon as I walked into the door the atmosphere in their was great automatically. They were the most helpful people and made me feel very comfortable. With all of this going on and how they treated me with their kindness and helpfulness it made me want to sign up and go to their school because if the administration staff was so helpful what are the teacher's going to be like. It made me want to find out.


The most important thing that I gained from college has been myself. What I mean is that I finally found my strengths, weaknesses and what I really love. That is the most amazing thing anyone could ask for.


so far nothing, iam looking to better my education to help me and my three children better our future. Thank you.


westwood college have given me the drive to succeed in what i want to do. The teachers are the most wonderful, helpful, and understanding people i have ever met. I believe that becuase i have the support from the school that i do i will not only graduate but i will find the right job for me and succeed through out my career. In high school i had a hard time becasue the teachers werent as willing to help me, but thats the totall opposite her. They push me to succeed and be better which is what i need. Westwood is the school i would reccomend to anyone becasue they help you and work with you as best they can. Not to mention that their Finacial aid is very very helpful and will bend over backwards for you. I wouldnt want to go to any otehr school this is that place for me.


Advice I would give to myself would be to prepare myself for a big decission when it comes to which college to attend. Pay attention to facts of the school such school graduation rates and job placements to make sure that the school is credible and will offer what you want. Do your research before you decide what carreer path you want to take so you get the best idea of what it will take to get there. Make sure to maintain a good GPA to qualify for several schoolarships because college can be expensive. Think of all possible suggestions to pay for college and plan them out ahead of time to limit tuition surprises. Stay focused and don't get dicouraged if plans don't go accordingly after you graduate High School.


First I would tell myself to study harder to get better grades, and focus more on the future instead of partying all the time. I would warn myself about promisses made by college recruiters when searching for universities, and make sure to get everything in writing before signing any commitment. Showing me that sometimes bargains are not always what they seem, and to do an indepth comparison befor making a choice in order to make the best possible decision. In this way I could avoid my current situation in financial difficulties, and probably could create a better education for myself.


I would have to myself to stay focused because school is much easier when you are younger and going to school at that point in my life was my job. If I would have stayed in school after high school scholarship funds would have much easier for me to get. Making this transition into adulthood, career, and family life is challenging for me at times because I have several things to juggle at once instead of just being able to focus in on my education like I did when I was in high school. Staying in school was not my focus when I was 19 years old. I had other alternatives that I felt like were more important and when I look back on my decisions I wish that I would have those choices. I am thankful that I do have the opportunity to further my education now because late is better than never.


Hi, I am you. Listen buckle down and get your grades up. You need to go to college to get anywhere in life. You should go to college right out of high school and not wait. Go for scholorships and financial aid. College isn't so hard, but you have to do it now. Don't wait until you are married and have kids, then you won't be able to go until they are grown up and then you are 44 years old and forgotten everything that you learned out of high school. Just do it now. Good Luck. College is great and a different life than what you know. You can do this, you have always liked change and this will be a change for the good.


Going back in time would be a great opportunity to tell myself about how much fun going to college really is. Beth, do not be afraid to take classes. I know you struggled with high school but I have faith in you and you can do the work. You may have to work hard at it at time, but I promises you it is well worth the reward at the end. In order for you to succeed in life you have to challenge yourself. College is nothing like high school. You get to meet people all across Colorado and you will make new friends. The classes you will be taking are challenging but the learning the professior will provide to you will open to your eyes to a whole new meaning of what life is really about outside of high school. So, when you decided to take that big step remember you will not fail you will succeed and that I have faith in what you decide to do with your life. College is worth it!


I would tell myself to prepare for the rigorous training necessary to achieve the skills needed to advance my career in avionics. I would tell myself not to worry so much about what the future holds in college, but rather embrace the knowledge that I am paying for with all of my ability and determination. I would also let myself know that college will naturally open many doors into any career that I desire. I would encourage myself to obtain as many skills as I could possibly learn, study, and practice these skills throughout my time in college and then apply them to the career that fits me the best.


Well if I could go back to my senior year, I would have told myself how important college is, and that instead of not going at that time like I did not, I would have made sure that I inspired myself to attend college after high school instead of waiting like I did. I would have convinced myself how important college is and that for me to do anything else would be a mistake. I would have told myself the difference it would make in my life as far as finances and security in life.


Wait to get pregnant and have children. All of it is wonderful! Take your time to experience it all in due time. Stop goofing around in class and help your mom more. She is a single parent taking care of 3 kids and needs your help because you are the oldest girl and the most responsible one. Take care of your brother and sister like mom wants you to do. Plan better and make better choices as it all matters in the end. Education is the most important thing you will ever do. Don't wait until you have raised your kids to do it. Follow your dreams and give love and education a chance. You can do it!


I tell myself to go to college and not listen to my high school boyfriend that wanted me to stay behind. I would also tell myself to relax a little about life and not to be so serious at all times.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, and knowing what I know now about college life, and making the transition, The advice that I would give myslef would be don't take anything for granted. You can always excel in all that you do. It doesn't matter who is by your side at the current time in the decisions you are making, because only you can make the difference in your life. You have to be the one to make the final decisions and what you do with the time that you have is up to you. It wont be easy, but you do it just fine so just take a deep breathe and relax. You can do it and you actually do it better after taking some time off from school and growing up a little. You learn more with lifes experiences and so just think about what you want out of life and all you have to do is try. You might come across a few mountains but you will succeed. Just have faith and know you are not alone in this. I'm wishing myself luck!


I believe when a person makes a choice to pursue a life career it is important to have a good perception about who they are, what they want to be, and how their success can contribute to the success of others. The true success of any one individual is only attained from the contribution of support in the success of those we interact. Having an altruistic nature about one?s self will promote the support of others in the outcome of their own true success. Therefore when making choices in life, it is important for them to consider what they really what to achieve in their overall life?s accomplishments with respect to long-term goals. Having said that it is important to establish what the long-term goal will be and then breaking it down into short-term goals which will make the process that much easier to attain.


If I had the chance to go return to the past to advise myself on the future and plans that lie ahead it would sound like this, ?college is not a easy task to accomplish it?s not like high school where you can sleep in class and hope that by catching the last five minutes you can ace the test. College also is not free in any shape way or form, all the money for high school comes from somebody?s pocket somewhere and now it?s your turn to pitch you own penny nickels and dimes for school. Take these few words of advice, and make a mental note of them right now; fill your FASFA out as soon as possible, find a job, and go do something productive; help a homeless guy, teach third graders or join big brother big sister, because all the video games in the world won?t pay your way through college.?


Take the first year somewhat slowly. Don't overload yourself, you don't want to burn out too quickly. Most importantly, don't give up. Stick with it until your finished - it's much harder trying to do it later!


I would tell myself that education is invaluable and being prepared and organized are the best ways to succeed.


I would tell myself, if I were still in high school, to get my high school diploma and go to college before having children and getting married. It would make my life much less stressful and frustrating to follow these simple words of advice and make it easier to stand on my own and take care of myself and my family, no matter the circumstances.


Going back in time to my high school senior days to give myself some advice, knowing what I know today about college life and making transition, I would tell myself to surround myself with people who could help me improve my life and help me with college material and transactions. I would appreciate these individuals helping me more and accept their guidance to prepare for college. I would consider the options of moving toward a career more seriously. Preparing for a career in my younger years are more helpful and less stressful than having a family and then try to plan on a career, yet it is never to later. All and all, I will encourage myself to obtain the education necessary and stay focus on a career.


If I could go back and talk to myself I would only really have a few thing to say. That is that I need to work on my study habits and note taking it is very important to do so. Also to never miss class, it does not matter if it is something I have heard before. To not be in class is actively trying not to better myself


Make sure you are serious when it comes time to pursue your college education as it is the stepping stone to the rest of your life!