Wharton County Junior College Top Questions

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WCJC is unique compared to the other schools I considered because it's affordable and very close to home. I know that I can be provided with the best kind of education here at WCJC. It's a good environment to learn in because it is clean and tidy. The staff seem to be very kind and helpful in times of students needing help.


Well I chose WCJC mostly because it's close to home and affordable. There was no point in me going straight off to a university when I did not even know what I wanted to do when I started college. It would have been a waste of money to pay university prices on classes that could be taken at WCJC. It is really helping me to prepare for a four-year university. I will be attending the University of North Texas next fall and my major is studio art. WCJC is where I figured out what I wanted to do.


The Wharton County Junior College of Sugarland is a college that is advantageously located with the University of Houston system. This makes it easy for students to attend a two-year college and pocket their abundant amounts of savings before transferring credits to the university.


The small classes give students more interaction with the teacher, which can help with succeeding in class.