Wheaton College-Norton Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


There's not really a medical center. We have Norton Medical close by, as well as a CVS Minute Clinic, but nothing especially for students that's open all the time.


The worst thing about the school is that the students are too involved and sometimes there is a lack of staff support for student-initiated projects.


I'm not crazy about the town it's in. Even though I adore Wheaton and would never want to go anywhere else, Norton is pretty boring. At least it's very easy to get to Boston or Providence!


I'd have to say that the worst things I've experienced at Wheaton so far, hands down, are forced triples. Sure, Administration uses positive connotation and phrases it "extended double," but there's really nothing extended about them--Just one extra person thrown into a teensy, tiny room, books strewn throughout, clothes never quite unpacked. The cause? Student overload. We're a small campus, and don't get me wrong, I love that. But why accept more than you can house?


The inability to live off campus. I would have at least liked to have the choice to live off campus, whether in my junior or senior year, as practice for living in the real world. However with that said,I respect Wheaton for having accomodations for all 1500 students, as Norton lacks the resources to provide housing for college students and Wheaton strives to foster a well-knit community where everyone lives and works towards the same goals. I picked Wheaton for it's small size- if I had wanted to fraternity or sorority I would have chosen elsewhere.


I wish our school had better preparation for seniors about to enter the workforce. I'm a senior, and I feel like they haven't been pressing the "work world" on us as often as I'd prefer


Having to apply for colleges on my own and not knowing what everything meant or how I was suppose to go about getting the information I needed.


Wheaton is a very small school in a somewhat isolated area. Bring a car if you want to get off campus. Don't expect to be in a city atmosphere.


EVERYONE knows who you are if you're involved with in the school. It's both and good thing and a bad thing.


The worst thing is that my school is too expensive, and financial aid is a specific headache for me, coming from a low-income background. The financial aid office is capable of being very helpful, and is generally excellent, but could be more friendly for low-income families during the summer period when the following year's financial package is being compiled and completed.