Wheaton College-Norton Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The reasearch abilities found at the school. The community and accepting feel that you get on campus.


I think the friends you meet their are the best part. Without my friends, I would be very unhappy there. Once you find a core group of friends it's very easy to feel comfortable at this small school. Your friends will become your family, and you will want them to be your friends for life.


What sold me on this school was its inviting and family like feeling, as well as the personal attention that the professors exhibit to each of their students. The professors made me feel that they want me to succed and that my opinion was worth hearing.


The best thing about Wheaton is the small classes. It is easy to speak in class if a person is shy because the classes generally do not go over 20 people. Less students in a class also makes it easier for a student to have a one on one relationship with the professor. The one on one time with the professor really makes a difference on the students performance in a class.


The Wheaton community provides an atmostphere in which extra-curricular activities are valued almost as highly as school work. This allows students to participate in various clubs, sports, internships, and jobs without feeling as though they are being weighted down by too many commitments.


study abroad programs opportunities to get involved teacher availibilty free food until 2am


The people I have meet here at Wheaton who have helped me adjust to being in a community different than home, just by being a good friend.