Wheaton College-Wheaton Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Wheaton's motto is "For Christ and His Kingdom", which sums up the philosophy of the faculty, the staff, and the students that attend. All learning, all activities are focused on honoring Christ with doing one's best. In addition, the integration of faith and learning allows students to fully express their beliefs while intellectually analyzing their subject matters.


"For Christ and His Kingdom" Wheaton is best known for the fact it is a Christian college


Its dedication to Christ & to furthering His kingdom.


Wheaton is best known for being the top Christian school in the country. We have an excellent Bible and Theology department in addition to having faculty in other departments that are well respected in their fields.


Academically strong Christian schools- instilling values as well as knowledge


Billy Graham and Jim Elliot, and that New Mexico secretary general who was involved in a scandal a few years back. In the area, Wheaton is known as the uppety Christian school where kids sign a binding agreement which states they will not smoke, drink, or fornicate while they are in attendance of the institution (a No Fun policy to some)


Wheaton is best know for being the premiere Christian College in the United states and probably in the world.


Wheaton College is best known for it's academic rigor while still maintaining a spiritually nurturing environment for the growth of young Christian adults. It is very well known for it's Bible and Theology Departments. Students are required to take 14 credits of Bible and Theology before graduation. Wheaton College is also the alma mater of Billy Graham. It holds a committment to integrating the Christian Faith with honest exploration of our world through scholarly study. Alumni of Wheaton say that they developed their identity during their years at Wheaton.


the strict rules and strong, competitive academics


Vigorous academics from a Christian perspective. That's pretty much it. It's been called the Havard of Evangelicalism.