Wheaton College-Wheaton Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A Christian student who is looking to integrate their faith and learning in a academically rigorous environment.


The hard worker should come to Wheaton. Hard work is encouraged, and definitely rewarded. The courses are hard, but that's what makes them great too. The professors actually care that you learn the subject, so the workload is going to be harder. The hard workers are the ones who get the most out of their experience here.


A Wheaton student must be willing to read a lot, willing to study late into the night, willing to live under the Community Covenant which we all sign, willing to go to a school with no crazy partying, willing to live in a powerful Christian community.


Someone who is willing to be a part of a community that isn't perfect, but generally strives to care about the world and important issues in our time.


Men and women who are looking for christianity blended with excellent academics should attend this college.


Someone who wants to be in an alcohol and drug free environment who takes their Christian faith seriously and wants to engage the world around them.


Driven, Protestant Christian, looking for a rewarding education that values the integration of faith and learning.


Motivated, conservative, type-A personality students who are looking for an excellent education and are willing to work hard to get it.


Hard Working Conservative Religious


White, Christian, Conservative, Midwestern Suburbanite--we wouldn't want to upset the balance now would we? Also, you must be a type-A overachiever who took all AP classes and was involved in at least 10 extra-curicular activities in high school. OR you could be a football player and ignore all the previous statements and get into this school on the highly-coveted Football Financial Aid Program.


Someone who is serious about academics and wants to know God better; someone who is not afraid of hard questions, someone who realizes (or will be able to learn) that you can respect people without agreeing with them; someone who is not gullible; someone who can handle living in the suburbs.


Wheaton students care about serving God and loving other people who are need. If you are looking to attend an accademically strenuous college while growing spiritually, social, and emotionally then this is the right place for you. Those who love to learn fit in perfectly here. We also have fun in Chicago whenever we can, so if you are a city-person, being at Wheaton would be very convenient for you: live in the security of suburban Wheaton and enjoy the excitement of Chicago on the weekends.


The kind of person that is willing to fit into a tight community and contribute to it in positive ways. Wheaton demands a lot from its students- academically, socially and as a member to a community with particular expectations. Students here need to be motivated and driven toward rigorous academics, but also have a desire to be involved in a multitude of activities like ministries, clubs or sports. Wheaton is a place for Christian students who want to develop a wholistic perspective and gain a sense of their abilities and their purpose in the world.