Wheelock College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for career paths with children. We are a big education school, but they are opening to a lot more fields. Here most everyone works with some sort of children and it is a great expierence. No matter what field you are in, you will always get a practicum to get a first hand look at your field.


The motto of Wheelock is to "inspire a world of good" and I think that encompasses what it is known for. There are very few majors that can be persued here, and they are all programs geared towards helping people, such as teaching or social work. My school is known as a place for people who love to work with children, and who are very passionate about helping others.


Wheelock is best known for its early education program . They are well know in the Boston community. Graduating from wheelock with an Early Education degree garentees a job after college.


Wheelock is best known for providing an education in the helping fields. Many students attend Wheelock to become social workers, teachers, or child life specialists. The people that attend the school, for the most part, have similar values and morals. Most students are caring people and want to help others.


From what I understand so far, my school is big for people who want to be teachers, or work with children. The majority of majors will go towards teaching kids k-12. Also the campus is pretty nice too.


Working with students to improve the life of children and family.


It's work and study of children.


Wheelock College is know for multiple things. It is now know for its new completey economically friendly campus center and dorms as well as its special education program. Wheelock College is one of the few schools in the stte that offers a prgram called Child Life


Helping children and families.


Wheelock College is best known for studying how to care for both children and families. This includes major like education, social work, and child life.


Wheelock is best known for its dedication to children and families, in fact, the school's motto is about serving children and families. While Wheelock's education program is one of the best, and the school's other programs are equally dedicated to children and families. It strives to produce people who will work to serve their community in a variety of ways through its child life, social work, and new juvenile justice program, and continues to follow its motto in these fields.