Wheelock College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I really enjoy Wheelock because I was instantly placed into hands on situations. I really want to work with infants and toddler, so Wheelock placed me in an infant and toddler day care center for my field placement, which also counts as class credit.


How friendly everyone is and how committed they are to "inspiring a world of good" and improving the lives of children and families.


Small college feel with big city enviroment. As well as the faculty-student relations are excellent.


The best thing about Wheelock is the feild experience opportunities that accompany the incredible classroom time. You can apply the theories you learn from your professors directly to practical experience as you're learning about them. It's really helpful to actually be able to put into practice what you're learning and then come back and talk about it with your professor and peers.


The best part about this school is it's size. Wheelock College is very small. my mother likes to say that it could fit on a postage stamp. To me, it's perfect. Everything is accesible when you need it, which makes it easy to find a professor or faculty member when you need them. Also, with the library being so close it's easier to motivate yourslef to study. The size of the school also allows the students to know each other at least by sight which is beneficial to those who like to know the people around them.


Wheelock's good teaching skills.


The best thing about Wheelock is the fact that you get the best of both worlds. The comfortableness of a small school in a big city. The school is only about a block long - with the acceptance of a few other campus buildings - yet it is in the middle of an amazing city. There is no better way to go to college in the city in my opinion.


The best thing about Wheelock College is the professors that teach there. The professors are very knowledgable in the fields that they teach and are always there to answer your questions the best they can. They understand that school is stressful so they are always available to meet with you to talk and go over class assignments or projects or simply just talk about your major.