Whitworth University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


It creates an enviorment helps me improve my mind and heart.


In the Fall and Spring the campus is filled with bright green grass, bright flowers, and colorful trees....in Winter the campus is known as Narnia. Enough said. ;)


Walking the narrow ridge between Christian university and allowing students to explore ideas and questions in a safe and encouraging community.


Whitworth University is a warm, welcoming college that provides many useful opportunities and entertaining activities for its students.


Whitworth University is a very small private college with a strong sense of community; it includes an "education of the mind and heart", meaning that what they teach you here isn't just what you need to learn for your major, but it also enriches you in your everyday life.


Whitworth University, located in beautiful Spokane, WA, is a rigorous liberal arts institution comprised of about 2,500 students and excellent faculty that offers an "education of the mind and heart" and is firmly rooted in Christian principles while preparing students for a successful future; the community at the university is welcoming, friendly, and passionate about relationships, exploration, learning, and God, and the small size of the university does not detract from its appeal but rather enables students to build meaningful relationships with each other and with professors.


Great academic reputation that encourages students to learn grow in mind and heart.


It is the right place to be for those searching for a homelike atmosphere with faculty and classes that encourages excellence and success.


It's great for students with a conservative, Christian background.


A small, closely-knit, fun campus of mostly Christians.


It can't make up it's mind.

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