Whitworth University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school? That's a hard question, I love this school. It's great and i love being here. The one thing that I would change would have to the food. I think that the food is resonably good but it could be better for how much we are paying for it. The food seems to be very unhealthy, and greecy. They do have a few healthy thingd though, such as sandwhiches and salads, but i think that they should have a few more choices.


Registration is through an online program that doesn't always work very efficiently, making for a lot of stress and difficulty getting into the desired classes - particularly if you're a freshman or sophomore.


The worst thing about Whitworth is that there are not very many older students who attend during the day schedule, like me. If you are an older studet, it is harder to relate to the younger students in class because they are on a different maturity level.


Overall, I really like Whitworth. The only thing that I didn't like was having to live in an overflow room for all of first semester.


It's conservative and kind of close-minded. It is also very white and rich.


That they don't accept more students. This is absoultely great school and I wish everyone who applied here and wanted to attend here could (whether the reason they can't is their financial situaiton or just not being accepted because of the large number of applicants).


The worst thing is that there tends to be a lot of "clicks" formed based on ethnicity or popularity.


The worst thing about Whiworth is the food and the recent construction on campus. The food is like any cafeteria food perhaps a little better, but if you tend to be conscientious about what goes into it, you may want to have an alternative place to eat. The construction makes it a little hard to sleep in on days when you have late classes.


The school is not very ethnically or ideologically diverse and Spokane (the city that Whitworth is located in) is not very diverse either. Because it is a Christian institution many groups (such as gays or lesbians, atheists etc) feel like they are in the vast minority and have a hard time integrating in the morally centered community. This causes a rift between social groups that is not insurmountable, but definitely visable.


Probably the food. It's not terrible, but it could be better. Steps are being taken to help that along, though. It puts responsibility onto the students.


The lack of racial and ethnic diversity is a problem sometimes. There is a focus on becoming aware of other cultures and perspectives, but it can be difficult to accurately represent those perspectives without them actually present in the classroom.


We need more diversity. The school makes a big effort and there are lots of groups on campus, but we could still use more diversity of opinions and people!


I think that the worst thing about Whitworth is that coming from a lower socioeconomic status at times I did feel out of place with some of the other students who were from families with higher economic status..


The conservative, presbyterian nature of the school sometimes gets itself into trouble with changing social standards. For example a couple of years ago some students attempted to form a Gay/Straight Alliance Club and it was denied by the Board of Directors because it didn't follow the schools mission. Although this doesn't prevent the group or any other denied group from meeting, it does exlude them from Student Body funding which is a shame in today's society.

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