Wichita State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Wichita State is good for any type of student. They are warm and welcoming to any culture and preferences.


A person who shouldn't attend Wichita State University is someone who is not motivated and someone who does not work hard or try their hardest. Someone who doesn't have goals in life and doesn't intend to live life to the fullest and make themselves better individuals should not attend this college.


Someone who would not prefer to go to a larger-sized school or a school where most are not living on campus. Also, someone who would not want quite a few non-tradditional students in his or her classes.


Wichita State is composed of a variety of different schools focused on one area of study. This allows students to get the most out of attending Wichita State Universtiy. As a business major, I know the most about the Barton School of Business and would recommend it to anyone interested in Business. It is affordable and know across the nation for the quality of students that it "produces" each year.


Students who will not be devoted their doing their homework and/or spending the extra time it might take to research a particular subject to make sure they have all the facts and information before turning in an assignment or giving a speech.


I think there is no room to say no person should attend this school. One thing I liked about this university was the fact that it was diverse and there was opportunity to meet other ethinic groups. Everybody can fit in here because there are all kinds of students from different socioeconomic status, background and cultures.


A prospective student expecting their college to keep them entertained around the clock with the hippest, most exciting activities should not attend this school. The student who is expecting the absolute most from their full college experience would probably not be satisfied by Wichita State University.


I don't think anyone should NOT attend this school. There is something for everyone here. There is a great melting pot of people here, along with great support for the disabled and an amazing groups for students with other faiths and beliefs. This is an outstanding university that goes out of its way to make you feel at home. Unfortunately, there is not a football team, or a marching band, so if that is what you are looking for then this school is probably not for you.


Someone who doesn't have the time to take classes or do the work needed to pass a class. Someone who doesn't care about their education or the success of others.


Someone who prefers that everything and everyone around them moves fast. The atmosphere is pretty moderate. However, that does not mean that there are not plenty of ways to keep busy and pass the time. If you are not up for the challenge of planning your day-to-day down to the minute, then you may just not be ready for all the different aspects that WSU has to offer to the vast varity of the studetnts.


you should not attend if you procrastinate or are very lazy and do not do your work.


Students who don't care to utilize campus resources should not attend this school. Classes commonly use the library, and online programs to help the student with the material. It takes effort to use these resources however the result is worth it.


People who like an environment which is either very large or very small should not attend WSU. It is a good, medium sized school, not huge, but not small.


Someone who shouldn't attend this school is someone who is unmotivated to pursue a degree. If you the student is looking for a place to party and not worry about a good education, Wichita State University is not for them. Wichita State prides themselves on good academics.


The kind of person that should not attend Wichita State University is someone who doesn't have a degree focused in primarily Business, Engineering, Fine Arts and Education as these are the primary fields of study that WSU is known for. Also anyone who feel pressured to go to school but doesn?t feel the a higher education is for them should not feel they have to waste the money on school.


Wichita State is a smaller university with a large commuter population. Some people think that it's hard to get to know people here, but they are the people who don't take the initiative to go out and get involved. Alot of the students who aren't happy here are the ones who grew up in the area, and spend all of their time at home, and don't get involved in campus activities. People who don't take the initiative to find a way to get involved, will be unhappy.


Wichita State welcomes everyone. There isn't really anyone that shouldn't attend this school. I guess I would say that if you are looking for a big party school, I would attend a big university such as Kansas University or Kansas State.


If you are an adult student looking for flexibility, don't apply to this school. In addition, the school touts its returning adult program, which in reality is non-existent. Moreover, the class schedules and work load resemble that of a traditional student, not a working/parent adult.


People who are not motivated and people looking for a traditional college experience. Wichita State is very much a non-traditional unversity and general education classes tend to have a lot of middle-aged adults in them.


Someone who wants to be on a big campus shouldn't attend this school. Most of my classes are small. I have been in four big lecture classes out of the fifteen classes I have been in.


Everyone can find someone at this school that they mix well with. There is no type of person that should not attend this school.


Any person could feel at home here. There is no typical student from WSU. International students come from all six continents. Ages range from high school kids to adults returning to school. Its a great place to participate and innovate. In short, the only person who shouldn't attend is somebody who doesn't want to go to college. There is a niche for everybody.