Widener University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Visiting Widener and taking the university tour was what solidified my decision. I had known as soon as I got my acceptance letter that Widener is where I wanted to attend, but visiting definitely helped confirm and make me confident in my decion. Widener is an expensive school, but it was where I felt most comfortable, so my parents were completely supportive in my decision to go. Widener, as a private university, is also generous with their financial aid, and I would suggest maintaining great high school grades because it can be incrediby helpful in applying for financial aid, or being awarded financial aid based on academics. I would also say school size is incredibly important because you do not want to be suffocated or overwhelmed. Widener was perfect for me because it was big enough to create a fairly extensive network, but there is also a level of comfort with everyone on campus because of the relatively small size of the school, compared to some. I would suggest looking at the differences between a private and public school as well because I know incoming students did not expect some of the rules/regulations Widener imposes as a private institution.


I feel that the students should take the classroom ratio, students to teacher into account when finding a college. Doing well in class will make the college experience more enjoyable. Also i would say that if the student or parents do not feel comfortable with the campus when they visit, do not go there. Parents have to feel that their child is safe, not just hear it from faculty. As well as the student has to feel relaxed on the campus because this will be their home for the next some odd years.


During the college search, take a look at the programs offered by the school and the success rates of their graduates. Also, make sure the college or university that you choose is somewhere you can see yourself. Make sure you feel a connection with the school and relate it to a place where you can achieve success.


When looking for the right college, what you want to do is look at everything as a whole. If you are going to play sports, make sure its a team you think has promise. But After you look at the team look at the quality of the classes and make sure they have a major you can see yourself being a part of. Its easy to break something down and find one aspect that you like. Break the school down and evaluate each part then add it back up and compare it to your other choices. Do your best to understand eveything about the place your going to call your second home for 4 or more years.


Choosing the right college or university is often a very stressful but important decision that students and parents must make. As a college senior, I would suggest students, and parents start the process as early as sophomore year. This will allow adequate time for students and parents to research and visit different college or university campuses. There are many different steps to finding the right college. First step is figuring out what majors are you interested in. The second step is choosing what type of institution is the right fit for you. This includes deciding private or public, small college or big university, in an urban or rural region which is close or far from home. Once you are sure what type of college or university you want to attend you can then begin researching schools. For many this entails, visiting the school?s homepage and finally making the choice to personally visit the campus. While visiting the campus you have the opportunity to speak to current students about their experience and if they would recommend applying. Finally, form a personal opinion about the school which would help you in your decision making.


Make sure you look into all aspects of the school. Not only academic, but socially, athletically (if thats what you're interested in), diversity wise. And anything else that is important to you. Make sure you don't just ask faculty and staff, because their perspective of campus is limited and different. Ask freshmen but most importantly ask upper classmen who have been at the school for a while they will know the most about the campus and campus life.


Finding a college is one of the most important deceisions on the way to a career path. In order to be for everyone to be satisfied the student should complete reasearch about the college they attend, so they are not dissapointed once they arrive on campus. Once a student is on campus they should be knowlegeable and take advantage of all the campus has to offer from its tutoring services to social events. Knowing where resources are makes things less complicated when you need a specific resource the most. Students should also get involved in the school community as well as the community outside of the campus. This allows a student to feel more connected to the campus, form networks, and they may even find a life long friend or a group of friends like the ones I have found. Getting a degree is what the student is in college for so the best thing to do is remember what you are there for and manage you time well because exams pile up when you least expect them or when you are not ready. Words to remember: Be nice to everyone you may need them some day in the future.


Visit the school during a in session school day. Ask some students around campus their opinions. Factor in the surrounding area to fit the personality of the student.


You really should visit every college that you apply to and the one that feels the most comfortable is going to end up being the right choice!


Find a school that has mutiple majors that you like so if the one you pick turns out to be bad for you there are other options for you. Don't commute, living on campus is a far better experience. Try to get involved in clubs or sports early so you can make friends.


I would tell them to start looking early and go to as many different open house trips as possible. this is very important because you can get the full experience from going on these open house tours. I would also recommend that the parent check out the rooming, dining hall, neighborhood where the school is located, access to different stores, security, and tution. The student should learn how to do their FASFA application their junior year and complete the form as soon as possible. and also just make sure the student is making the right choice for themselves and not for anybody else.


I would advice people to make sure they visit first and then make their decision.


Finding the right college is difficult when things such financial aid, location, school size etc., play a part in the decision making process. I personally would say that when deciding which college or university to attend look at the outside picture, other than what is given to you on paper. From personal experience, I have learned that there is more to a university than tuition or location. Attending Widener University I have come to understand that our location has a meaning, because our students get involved in the Chester community helping to clean up the neighborhood. Widener University offers different free services on campus designed to help the students succeed academically. All these services are put into place to help the students succeed. Once attending college everyone has a different view of what their college year will be like. Some students decide to focus on academics, some participate in different activities and some fail to plan their schedule accordantly. My best advice on how to make the best out of your college years is to take your academics seriously and seek help when you need it. Second, get involved in different clubs and activities, sports, Greek life etc. By being involved you get the opportunity to meet and interact with individuals from different backgrounds and learn from them. Networking in college is key, because you never know when you will need the person that seats next to you in English class.